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Flying with an 18 Month Old: Part 1

The last time we traveled with Miss H on a plane, she was 8 months old. Now, she’s 18 months old and we’re about to embark on our next plane trip with her, with flights about 3.5 hours each way. Although our previous flying experience with her wasn’t terrible, we’re still a bit scarred from that [...]


To Grandmother’s House We Go

We are hiking across the Midwest several times in the coming months for the holiday season, loading up our Camry with a toddler, a 50 pound dog and all of our luggage.  We love visiting our far-away family, and while we certainly wish that we could all live in the same place, having such hospitable [...]


How (not) to road trip with a toddler

The next few months are going to be filled with travel. We live 363 miles from my parents, and 376 miles from my in-laws (and sadly, they don’t live 13 miles apart – they live 2+ hours away from each other).  This means that the holiday season is full of road tripping, since we prefer [...]

Our Adventures in Co-sleeping (i.e. no sleeping)

Let me just preface this by letting you know we are not co-sleepers.  Toddler Checkers slept in our room for a total of two weeks before we put her in the nursery.  Before she was born, I had imagined she would be in our room for the first few months, but postpartum insomnia and subsequent [...]


Adventures with Baby – Camping

Mr. Lion and I have always loved being outside as much as possible. We frequently camp with friends during the warmer months. This year we decided to escape the extreme heat of the NC piedmont and planned a trip with some friends at Hanging Rock State Park in the NC mountains! We have been hiking [...]


Miss H’s First Trip Away – Part 2

I recently shared about Miss H’s first trip off into the big, bad world by herself (ok, really just a stay with her grandparents!). I’m excited to report that we all made it through the 6 days/5 nights apart perfectly! While we missed her terribly and I stupidly oohed and awwed over every baby/toddler I saw, [...]


Adventures with Baby – Road Trip with a 4 Month Old

We moved south to North Carolina when I was in elementary school, and most of my family is still in upstate New York. We decided summer would be the perfect time to take Little Lion to meet his great grandparents, and stopped to see some friends who live out of town along the way. Method [...]

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