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Traveling through the ages, gear edition

Many mamas have already put together great posts about what to buy for airline travel with children of various ages, but while packing for our seventh or eighth plane trip with my son (and my third set of solo flights), I was pleased to note how many things I bought have been useful in various [...]

When Mama travels, Mama-edition

I’ve written about how we handle my travel for my family’s sake, but I also have a few tips for how I respect my own needs when I travel. I maximize my time away. If I’m going to take time away from my family, alone, I’m not going to spend it watching reality TV in [...]

When Mama travels

As a corporate mama, I travel periodically and have done so since my son was a year old. The details of scheduling and communication have changed based on his age, but one important lesson I’ve learned and remind myself of is that my son and husband find new and surprising ways to connect and function [...]

It's nto crazy driving with all these kids...not at all.

Traveling over the Holidays with Kids

As we were starting to make plans for the holidays, my in laws were trying to figure out when would be a good time to visit their family in Utah.  They wanted to take the kids to see the snow, so they were talking about dates in the winter. I mentioned that the boys were [...]

Christmas Roadtrip Packing list

To grandmothers’ houses we go!

Since I extended my maternity leave past my original 18 week plan, it gave us much more flexibility to maximize our time off work at Christmas. I’m so excited to be spending five and a half days in Vancouver, BC with our family and friends. Our families live about a 2-3 hour drive away from [...]

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Travel/Vacation with a 2-year-old

Last month, we were able to take a short family vacation to the Pacific Northwest – Seattle, Washington!  I left home a few days earlier for several work events, and Mr. Checkers was brave enough to fly solo with our two-year-old to meet me there. Toddler Checkers has now been on a couple of short [...]


Flying with an 18 month old: Part 2

We’re back from vacation! And while we loved the time away (the lovely warm weather of Arizona, lots of swimming, and relaxed family time with my immediate family), we’re happy to be home and settling back into our regular routines. In the middle of the trip, Miss H cut 4 (!!!) new teeth – her [...]

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