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Trying to Conceive After Mirena (AKA Don’t Google It)

I got my Mirena IUD out a little over a month ago. I was really happy with the Mirena for the three-plus years I had it. The side effects from the hormones were not as extreme as those I had experienced in the past with birth control pills, plus I didn’t have to think about […]


The Journey to Two

After we were married, Mac Daddy and I knew we wanted to have a child, but weren’t sure when. Our wedding was in September 2012, and I can still clearly remember going for a walk a short while later, deciding that we’d get ourselves onto a rough five-year plan and start trying to conceive in spring […]

Going From TTP to TTC

At some point, most of us go from trying to prevent to trying to conceive. This is one of those transitions in life that is scary, and oftentimes, totally new territory. For me, I read everything I could get my hands on in the months before we officially switched over to TTC. To be frank, […]

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Pre-Nesting: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

I’ve mentioned that Mr. Cotton Candy and I are planning on starting TTC sometime this fall; the time hasn’t come yet, but we’ve already begun a flurry of projects and I’ve been composing to-do lists at a pace that makes me think this is more than just normal post-vacation busyness. We’re not exactly doing any […]


Our journey to pregnancy

The plan was always to make babies after our wedding. My husband really wanted to make that happen before we got married, but I held my ground on getting married first and the plan became all systems go after the wedding. On our honeymoon something shifted (okay, we found out more friends were expecting) and we discussed that we should […]

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Surviving the two week wait

Without a doubt, one of the hardest parts of the infertility journey for me was the dreaded two week wait. For those who accidentally became pregnant or who became pregnant quickly and easily, you might not be familiar with this time from hell. The two week wait – or “2WW” – is the time in […]

Fertility Tracking

As we embark upon trying to conceive after my previous miscarriage, I’m trying to decide how we will be tracking our fertile days (if at all) this time around. There are lots of pressures when it comes to TTC and I would like to mitigate the constant thinking about conception as much as possible. Last […]

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