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Family TV Shows to Watch with Young Kids

Olive and Charlie are 5 and 7, and we started watching tv together when we moved to the Philippines. Back in New York, they didn’t have a tv their whole lives since we consumed all our media on Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime. It was much less expensive than cable, but we pretty much zoned out […]


Kid Things I Love Too

I’ve always been a big kid at heart. I knew even as a little girl that loved Lisa Frank, Sanrio, and whose bedroom was filled with stuffed animals and cute things, that this would probably never change even as I grew up. Before having kids I would spend a lot of time looking at adorable […]


A Few Good Shows

I’m a list person. Lists are my jam. My favorite apps on my phone are the notes and reminder apps because they help me make lists. I make lists for everything. On Friday night, my hubby always likes to ask me, “So what’s on the list for this weekend?” HA! I’m so predictable. Anyway, here […]

Swarm: What the Bloggers are Watching, Reading, Listening, Loving

Watching – I don’t watch tv or movies (not by choice) and I really miss it! But I do catch up on skits on YouTube every now and then. My favorites are James Cordon’s Carpool Karaoke (Adele and Chris Martin are my favorites) and Drop the Mic, although he has many other hilarious skits. His genuine […]


100 Best TV Shows to Binge Watch on Maternity Leave

I think the first show I ever binge watched was Sex and the City on dvd 10 years ago; I hadn’t even watched a single episode until it went off the air. This was way back when we actually watched tv shows and movies on dvd, and got red Netflix envelopes in the mail. Now with […]

animal shows

Animal Shows

I recently discovered a PBS show called Wild Kratts that is just right for Drake’s love of animals, and my desire for him to learn more about animals. Wild Kratts is a PBS show based on 2 real life brothers who go on adventures to rescue animals. Like most PBS shows, Wild Kratts has a […]

common sense media

Common Sense Media

When I was growing up, there were two TV channels dedicated to kids: Nickelodeon and Disney. And really, unless you paid the extra premium for the Disney Channel, you had one channel that showed kids’ shows throughout the day, and other than that, you just had to wait for Saturday morning cartoons. (Yep back then […]

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