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Bump Update & Twin Prep

My last bump shot was at 15 weeks (before we even knew we were having twins!), but I finally got around to taking one recently at 27 weeks. For fun, I also have my 27 week bump shot when I was pregnant with Miss H. A little different, wouldn’t you say?! Pregnancy #1 at 27 weeks:


Hopscotch Twins & Life Updates!

It’s been a while since my last blog post where I shared our big TWINS news! I’ve missed sharing what’s been happening in the Hopscotch household these days. However, it has been because of all the activity lately that I haven’t been able to share anything – there has just been too much going on for me to catch [...]

We’re Having…

…TWINS! (As you can see, Miss H is super excited!) Remember when I shared my 15-week bump (and how much more I’d “popped” this time around)? Well, apparently there was a reason – I was carrying around two babies and didn’t even know it! We’re still in a bit of shock at the news, but [...]

Mom to Two

We went out with some friends for our birthdays in early February this year. Around 10pm I was fading fast, and that became the topic of conversation. I was so tired because I had a nearly one year old, and I had been tired for a whole year. Then shortly after that conversation, I became [...]

First-Time Twin Moms: Living in No Man’s Land

When your “first baby” is actually two or more babies, I have a theory that you are instantly transported to a no-man’s land where only other moms who had multiples first will ever live.  Let me take you on a little tour of the land of First-Time Twin Parents. You get that positive pregnancy test [...]

How Can I Tell If I’m Pregnant With Twins?

I follow a twin message board on another parenting website, and one of the most common questions I see is, “Could I be pregnant with twins?”  So many people ask this based on a variety of facts that they think may make them more likely to be experiencing a twin pregnancy. The short answer is [...]


What Do I Need Two of for Twins?

Answer:  Really, not much. What we needed two of was a huge question I had when we found out we were expecting twins.  There are three basic categories: (1) Must Have Two, (2) It’s Nice To Have Two, and (3) One and Done. When it comes right down to it, there are very few things [...]

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