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Hopscotch Twins & Life Updates!

It’s been a while since my last blog post where I shared our big TWINS news! I’ve missed sharing what’s been happening in the Hopscotch household these days. However, it has been because of all the activity lately that I haven’t been able to share anything – there has just been too much going on for me to catch [...]

We’re Having…

…TWINS! (As you can see, Miss H is super excited!) Remember when I shared my 15-week bump (and how much more I’d “popped” this time around)? Well, apparently there was a reason – I was carrying around two babies and didn’t even know it! We’re still in a bit of shock at the news, but [...]

Mom to Two

We went out with some friends for our birthdays in early February this year. Around 10pm I was fading fast, and that became the topic of conversation. I was so tired because I had a nearly one year old, and I had been tired for a whole year. Then shortly after that conversation, I became [...]

First-Time Twin Moms: Living in No Man’s Land

When your “first baby” is actually two or more babies, I have a theory that you are instantly transported to a no-man’s land where only other moms who had multiples first will ever live.  Let me take you on a little tour of the land of First-Time Twin Parents. You get that positive pregnancy test [...]

How Can I Tell If I’m Pregnant With Twins?

I follow a twin message board on another parenting website, and one of the most common questions I see is, “Could I be pregnant with twins?”  So many people ask this based on a variety of facts that they think may make them more likely to be experiencing a twin pregnancy. The short answer is [...]


What Do I Need Two of for Twins?

Answer:  Really, not much. What we needed two of was a huge question I had when we found out we were expecting twins.  There are three basic categories: (1) Must Have Two, (2) It’s Nice To Have Two, and (3) One and Done. When it comes right down to it, there are very few things [...]

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Our Twin Sleep Successes and Failures

When our boys were little bitty and we were so tired we literally thought we could not go on, I separately asked two of my friends with twins when their babies started sleeping through the night.  They both had almost verbatim answers, “Well, I’m probably not the person you want to ask.  I think our [...]

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