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Losing a Twin

In my last post I spoke briefly about losing one of my twins and how I pushed my feelings about it aside to focus on the remaining baby. It took me several weeks to fully process and accept the loss. The first couple of days Mr. P and I talked about how conflicted we felt. […]


A Day with 3 month old twins, a toddler, and work

Things have changed a bit since I shared what it was like having 4 week old twins! I returned back to work about a month ago and I’ve gone from being a round the clock caregiver to flipping back and forth between super focused work mode and super happy and upbeat mom mode. That alone is […]


Twin Sleep: Staying Positive

I’m just going to lay it all out on the line: I have never in my entire life been as tired as I’ve been during the first few months of being the mom of twins! They say there is nothing that can really prepare you for having a baby. Well, there’s nothing that can really […]


Sharing Newborn Night Duty

I recently shared what a 24 hour period is like for us right now with 4 week old twins. What I didn’t get into is how Mr. H and I are choosing to divide up baby duties overnight. The first few nights at home with the twins were rough. The babies were up non-stop, Mr. […]


A Day with 4 Week Old Twins

With Miss H, I loved that I tracked what some of our days were like schedule-wise in the early days, including when Miss H was 2 1/2 weeks old. It’s really fun to look back on, especially right now when I’m sleep deprived – it’s made me realize I was just as sleep deprived back […]


Hopscotch Twins Birth Story

As I recently shared, the Hopscotch twins arrived! Already a few weeks old, I want to make sure I get their birth story written down so that I don’t forget the details. Here I am right at 37 weeks pregnant – whoah! I still can’t believe I got that big, however, I had two big […]


Hopscotch Twins Have Arrived!

I’m excited to share that last week the Hopscotch twins made their arrival – right at 38 weeks! We are quickly finding out that twins are a whole lot of work, but of course incredibly loveable! On the left is little miss and on the right is little mister (when I’m less sleep deprived I’ll […]

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