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DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Mrs. Cheesecake’s post on 14 Crafts to Celebrate Valentine’s Day totally inspired me to do something crafty for our Valentine’s Day cards this year. I saw Thumbprint Love Bugs card and thought not only was it darling, but doable with my never-sit-still 13 month old son. The last time I tried something crafty was at Thanksgiving. I had […]

Crinkle Conversation Hearts

DIY Felt Crinkle Conversation Hearts

These easy-to-sew felt conversation hearts are a delight to the senses. And they’re completely sugar-free! Your little ones will love looking at the oversized, colorful play candies, touching the felt and stitched letters, and listening to them too. Because they’re filled with crinkling cellophane! In addition to being a fun felt toy to enjoy for […]


Painted Heart Cut-Out Valentines (and 3 ways to up-cycle kids art into cards)

We have an artistic gene on my dad’s side of the family. I definitely don’t have it, but it seems like my three and a half-year old Louis does! This weekend Louis and I decided to make some valentines cards. Valentines Day isn’t as big in Sweden as in the States so children don’t hand […]

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