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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Both Charlie and Olive had so much fun celebrating Valentine’s Day with their classmates.  I think it’s probably the third biggest holiday of the year for kids after Christmas and Halloween around these parts — they came home with so many Valentines and treats! I tried to do Valentines that matched each of their personalities. […]


You’re sweet: A Valentine

Because of my work schedule, I’m not the most participatory mom when it comes to school events and activities (though I try to be as present as I can). I’ve made it a tradition, though, to always do a little something extra when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Despite the unfortunate (or fortunate as the […]

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Valentines Toddlers and Preschoolers Can Make

The past two years, I have made photo cards using a cute picture of Liam to send as Valentines to friends and family. It’s something fun I like to do and the people I send them to seem to like receiving them. However, this year, Liam is in preschool and he and his classmates will […]

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Valentine’s Day Outfits for Kids

Valentine’s Day is a month away, and though I was never into the holiday too much, every holiday becomes so much bigger when you have kids. Once your kids are in school, they come home with stacks of valentines from classmates! I’m going to dress Charlie and Olive up in Valentine’s colors, so I’ve rounded up […]


Valentine Day Class Ideas

The holidays truly do become a little bit more fun and exciting when you have little ones. Now that Drake is in school, this is the first year we get to hand out little Valentine’s Day cards and I have been scouring Pinterest for some cute ideas that are simple and fun, but just a […]


“I dig you” Valentines

I love Valentines. Like most kids, I gave them out all through elementary school, but unlike most kids, I continued passing them out at school for my friends through middle and high school. During college, I always gave one to my mom and little brother and now that Liam is here, I love sending some […]

35 DIY Valentines for Kids

35 DIY Valentines for Kids

I want to give out Valentines for Charlie’s pre-k classmates this year because holidays are a big deal now that he’s in public school, and the kids are old enough to have fun with it. There are so many great ideas online, but I narrowed it down to some of my favorites that are easy, […]

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