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confessions of a work at home mom

I sorely underestimated how difficult it would be to work full time from home while caring for a newborn.  I had recently gone full time with my business and was convinced that my sweet, perfect little girl would sleep like an angel and I'd be able to balance work-life, home-life and family-life. But I was [...]

It was hard to say goodbye to this face on my first day!

Making the Transition: From SAHM to part-time WOHM

Exciting news: I got a part-time job! But let's back up a bit. For the past almost 8 months, I have loved staying home with Baby Markers. The entire time, I've looked at this arrangement as a privilege - the fact that I can be the one to get her up from her naps, take [...]


Being a Part-Time WAHM: A Reality Check

Taking care of Little Y is my full-time job, but I’m also a freelance writer and editor. Other moms often seem interested in the logistics of making a buck while being the primary caregiver for a kiddo or two, so here’s a rundown of how I balance things – or don’t, as the case may [...]

Little Stroller with the Forks

A Day in the Life: WAHM Toddler Edition

I wrote a day in the life post almost exactly one year ago. I read it last night and was so nostalgic; Little M will be 17 months old this week. Sigh, my baby is growing up too fast! Since Little M and I were doing a long solo-momma stint when I wrote my last [...]


The Morning Shuffle

As a working mom whose workdays normally start at 8 am, it is now a madhouse in the mornings with the addition of another child.  This is a glimpse into our morning shuffle with a 2.5-year and 2-month old. My days start at 4:30 am and don't stop until I go to bed at midnight. [...]

day in the life of a WAHM

Before I share the ins and outs of my day with you, I want to preface this post with a few things. My goal was to become a WAHM long before we started a family. I started my freelance work nearly ten years ago with the intention of turning my passion into my career.  It took [...]


WAHM - Mrs. Superhero

Here's a glimpse into how Mrs. Superhero juggles being a full-time mom of two and a freelance illustrator! ~~~ Describe a typical day in your life. Days vary a lot between Mr SH’s work days and days off.  He works twelve hour night shifts on Friday - Sunday. So he sleeps on the weekends and [...]

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