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Hello Bee Chalkboard Otis making an 'o'

Learning to Write

Somewhere between two and three years of age, I noticed my children's drawings and scribbles starting to resemble letters. Both of my children started with writing the first letter of their name. Often children draw circles too, which makes it easy for Otis. When Otis was close to three I encouraged him to use his [...]

Kindergarten prep

What We're Really Doing

A few months ago, Mr. Cowboy and I registered Lil' CB for Kindergarten. I actually managed not to cry... mostly because I was helping run the registration since it was at my school. Yep, in a little less than two months, Lil' CB will be a Kindergartner and I'll continue to teach Kindergarten at the [...]


Alphabet Toys

For as long as I can remember, Drake has had a love affair with the alphabet which still continues to this day.  I don't remember when it was that he really started to pay attention to them, but a quick check back on my Facebook posts shows that a few months before 2 years of age he [...]


The Easiest Outdoor Fine Motor Activity

Building and strengthening those little fine motor muscles are crucial in the early childhood years. Strong fine motor skills will come in handy as children learn self-help skills (for example, getting dressed, especially buttoning and zipping) and they take center stage with skills like drawing and writing. Because of that, I'm always looking for ways [...]

DIY montessori writing tray

DIY Montessori Sugar Writing Tray

My toddler is really into learning and drawing letters, and loves to practice them over and over.  We decided to use an old toy packaging box to make a tray to write our letters in sugar.  This allows your child to practice writing, improve their fine motor coordination, while having a tactile sensory experience. The [...]

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