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Liam – 24 months

This is when I stop using months and start using years, isn’t it? Nooooooo…..

March 10

Joy in the Morning

March 10, 2014 Dear Elliot & Finn, A year ago today, I had no idea what would await me when the morning came.  I was excited and nervous and scared and giddy.  I was 36 weeks pregnant, and we were instructed to come to the hospital at 7 a.m. on March 11.  The doctors were [...]


18 Month / 4 Year Update

Now that Lil Miss Wagon is getting older and Wagon Jr. is 4 years old, I’ve decided to just do updates when we get updated stats from the pediatrician. This probably means individual updates for each kid (WJ’s next one being at 5 years old, yikes!), so this will probably be my last combined update [...]

3.26.13 039

One Year Old

Well, we made it. What a crazy/amazing year it has been. Before Isaiah was born we weren’t sure we’d even get the chance to adopt him, and here we are a year later with a full blown, almost walking, almost talking one year old. Eating: He is eating solids like a pro and he is [...]


Jaren turns One.

Jaren, my sweet sweet boy.  You have been an incredible baby, and made this first year so pleasant for your mama.  Ever since you doled out your first social smile at 5 weeks, you’ve kept it up without reservation – it is almost too easy to get a smile or laugh out of you!  You take [...]



My sweet little girl is one! All the cliches are true, this year has truly flown by. Like yesterday, I can still recall those intense emotions I felt while waiting for Baby Markers to arrive, then while holding her in my arms for the first time. As they say, the days are long but the years [...]


Noelle turns Three.

THREE.   That feels like such a big number for my little girl!  I can’t believe she’s THREE.  It feels like we’re crossing a big bridge I’m not ready for.  I didn’t really mourn her babyhood when she turned one, or even when she turned two.  She still felt like a baby to me these past couple [...]

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