The holidays will be upon us before you know it, and that means many of you will probably be traveling with your babies and toddlers.  So to give you a head start, here is our guide to the best travel cribs out there today!

1. Graco Kenley Pack n Play ($69) – There are tons of pack n plays out there with all kinds of different options, but I think this affordable no frills one is all you need.  It’s pretty easy to set up and take down once you get the hang of it, but at 21 pounds, it’s probably too heavy for airplane travel.  Still it’s a great option to keep at grandma’s house — we have this exact one at my parents’ house, and Charlie has never had a problem sleeping in it.

2. GOCrib ($249) – The Go Crib is the highest priced option on our guide, but parents who have been disappointed with other travel cribs seem to have found their HG (Holy Grail) travel crib in the GOCrib.  It’s lightweight at 10 pounds, it has an inflatable mattress (that’s the same size as a pack n play) for extra comfort, and it packs into a portable backpack.  The side door is also an additional neat feature.

3. Baby Bjorn Travel Crib ($233) – At under 11 pounds including the case, the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib is very light (I purchased one myself because the pack n play was so darn heavy), and it probably has the easiest set up of any of the travel cribs.   But the dimensions don’t allow you to take it as a carry-on, so if you’re a frequent flyer that may be an important factor.  This is probably the most popular travel crib on the market today.

4. Phil and Ted’s Traveller Crib ($179) – At 7.5 pounds, this is the lightest travel crib around, and it folds up into a backpack that you can tuck into your overhead compartment.  However the main downside to this crib is that it takes much longer to set up and take down than the other cribs on our list.

5. Kidco Peapod Plus Indoor/Outdoor Travel Bed ($85) – I have many friends who own and love the peapod, and even use it everyday for naptime!  They come in several different sizes and styles, they’re affordable, they’re lightweight at 8.2 pounds (smaller models available), and they fold up small enough to fit in your suitcase.

Do you own a travel crib that you love?