I’m lucky enough that I’ve had three baby showers: one in my hometown thrown by my aunts, one held locally thrown by my mom and friends, and one at work thrown by my department. For the first two, I was a bit involved in the planning process and got to have input on the decor and activities. For the hometown shower, I came up with an idea to have guests paint canvases that I could hang in the nursery for some easy, inexpensive, personal artwork. My mom and I bought value packs of canvases and acrylic paint from Michael’s and brought them with us. We set up a table outside and after eating lunch, we had some fun with paint!


When they were done, we laid them out to dry.

Then, I wrote the artist’s name on the bottom of each with black sharpie, including the relationship to baby TTT. For example, mine said “Mommy” and my mom’s said “Grammy.”

When I brought them home, we bought a few more canvases so that some other people who weren’t at the shower could paint a canvas. Then Mr. TTT hung them all up in a grid. This was quite a process, as the canvases weren’t perfectly even or identical, but he figured it out.

It’s bright, colorful, and so fun! The changing table/dresser is right under this, and I know baby TTT will love looking up at what those nearest and dearest have created for him.

Have you done any unusual activities at a baby shower? Would you ever consider doing something like this?

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