Although we live in a digital age and my children love playing games on my phone or the iPad as much as their friends, I’m still very conscious of the amount of time they spend doing so. I try not to hand them my phone just to keep them quiet while waiting in a doctor’s office or other public space. Instead, I love creating little games that are easily stored in my purse that I can pull out at a moment’s notice. My latest version, this tic tac toe game, has already been a hit while waiting at the dentist and even in the car.


To create a game of your own you’ll need:

Twelve 1″ wooden discs
Stamp pad
Alphabet stamps (letters X and O)
Wool felt
Muslin bag
Sewing machine

To begin, stamp both sides of 6 wooden discs with the letter X. Next, stamp both sides of the remaining wooden discs with the letter O.

Cut a 3″X3″ piece from the wool felt.

Using a pencil, lightly mark 1″ guide lines on the wool felt.

Stitch over the guide lines with your sewing machine to create the game board. If you don’t own a sewing machine, you can easily use a permanent marker to create the grid lines.

Trim the excess thread.

I love to package things up in sweet muslin bags and this game is no exception. Some other uses for this game: party favors or simple handmade birthday gifts for your children’s friends!