For many of us, “Back to School” is on the brain.  It is always crazy how fast summer goes, and as usual before we know it, it is already time for our little ones to go back to school.

My little three year old will be going back to pre-school soon, and we have been shopping around for a cute little backpack for her.  Unfortunately, the only options we could find were princess backpacks and the like,  so I decided to find a simple backpack that we could dress up with some cute little polka dots!


It is really easy to add some uniqueness to a backpack with some trendy polka dots using fabric paint!

You will need:

A backpack (I love the denim trend right now, so I used a fun denim backpack I found at Hobby Lobby, made by Me and My Bag)
Fabric Paint in the colors of your choice (found at the craft store)
A pencil with an un-used eraser
A polka dot stencil (optional)

1) If you choose to use a polka dot stencil to plan out your spacing, tape the stencil to the backpack, and marker in some little dots where the fabric paint will go.  You will use this as a guide.
2) Dip the eraser end of the pencil into a little bit of fabric paint, and place a dot on the backpack on one of your pencil marks. Press down directly, and twist slightly and pull up.
3-4) Keep placing dots one by one.

5) Continue on, until you fill up the space.
6) Be sure to get enough fabric paint on the eraser part so that it coats onto the backpack well.
7) Allow to dry for at least one hour before handling.
8) All done!

Fill it with your child’s school work and books, and send them on their way!

It’s such an easy little project that will bring your child’s backpack to the next level!

by Caroline of Armelle Blog