A while ago I needed a few clothespins for an art project we were doing, and the only bag I could find was huge.  So we were left with a ton of wooden clothespins.  I started thinking of all of the ways I could use them, but they looked a little naked.  Nothing a little food coloring dye couldn’t fix!  This is a quick and easy project that makes a big impact.  Now every time I see one of these they make me smile!


Here’s what you will need to stain your clothespins:
-wooden clothespins (any size you would like)
-white vinegar
-food coloring (the liquid drops work better than the gel)
-boiling water
-jars or containers to soak the clothespins in

First, take apart your clothespins.  This isn’t hard to do, but if you would prefer not to, you can skip this step.  The metal springs will oxidize in the vinegar, and look a little vintage, but they will still work just fine.

In each jar or container, pour boiling water, a tablespoon of vinegar and food coloring drops and mix well.  You can use any combination of drops to make varying colors and shades.  I used both traditional food colors and the neon food colors to make about a dozen different colors.  Add your clothespins and let them soak for at least an hour.

*Remember that this is a stain and may stain clothes and towels.

Remove the clothespins from the dye and let them dry on paper towels.

Put the clothespins back together and you are all done!  Now think of all of the fun ways you can use your new colorful clothespins.

I like to put a bunch of the small clothespins in a little muslin drawstring bag as a cute little gift.

Or use them to attach cards or notes to packages.

My little one loves playing with them and can’t resist the fun bright colors.  I love seeing what imaginative uses she comes up with!

*The only thing I wouldn’t use them for is to hang up wet clothing, as the dye may transfer to the clothing.