My children love to collect little trinkets.  Sometimes it can drive me crazy finding all of these tiny little objects around the house, but I know they are something special to them.  So we decided to make an “I Spy” bottle, and fill it with all the little treasures that they have been collecting.


You will need to gather a few supplies:

PLASTIC Water bottle (I prefer to use these wide mouth Voss plastic water bottles)
Various small trinkets (Make sure that they can fit into the mouth of the bottle)
Strong Glue or Glue gun

Step One
Carefully peel back any packaging stickers off of the water bottle, empty all the water, and make sure it is completely dry inside.

Step Two
Lay out the various trinkets you have collected from around the house.  Take a clear picture of the items that are going to go into the bottle. (This is optional, if you want your children to have a little guide of the items they are looking for.)

Step Three
Fill the clean water bottle with all your little trinkets.

Step Four
Use the funnel to pour rice into the bottle over the top of the trinkets.

Step Five
Continue to fill the rice, leaving just a little space at the top so that when you shake the bottle, the items will be able to work their way around the bottle. Then using strong glue or a glue gun, glue around the inside threads of the lid of the bottle, and screw it back onto the bottle securely.

Step Six
Print out the picture you took of your trinkets for your children to see what items they are searching for!  If you have time to laminate it or print it out on thick glossy paper, it will hold up better!

Let them at it, and they will have such fun being on the look out for their favorite little trinkets!

By Caroline of Armelle Blog