I’ve always wanted to make my kids’ Halloween costumes, but I can pretty much only sew in a straight line with my machine. Last year, I was researching DIY dinosaur costumes and found several that used hoodies with spikes and a tail added on. I decided I would buy a hoodie set and modify it, instead of making the whole thing from scratch. Then, I found green fleece hooded footed pajamas and realized it would be the perfect foundation for my creation.

I bought green fleece fabric that matched to create the tail, and a darker green felt for the spikes. I stuffed the tail and spikes with pillow stuffing to make them stand up better. The first time I sewed the tail on, it was way too low, but I took it off and repositioned it and it was perfect! I also used white felt to make claws for the hands and feet. I was actually really impressed with myself for making something like that. Luckily, for the purpose of this post, the costume still fits him (snugly) this year!


I’m a firm believer that I need to take advantage of Liam’s age for Halloween costumes while I can. Before I know it, he’ll want to be something funny or scary, so I’m going to dress him in something cute and cuddly as long as I can get away with it. Since he loves dogs so much and has the growl down, this year I decided to make him a puppy costume, using the same technique. I bought white hooded, footed PJs from Amazon, but this time I cut off the feet because we plan to walk around outside a bit and I wanted him to be able to wear real shoes. I added floppy ears, a little tail, and some spots. Then, I made a collar from red ribbon with a tag made from cardstock. I also made him a little “doggy bag” to collect a few treats from the neighbors.

He wasn’t such a happy puppy during the photo shoot, so we had to break out a little chocolate early, but he actually likes wearing the costume. He was more sad about having to stand still for pictures (and we were pushing nap time).

I’m also a sucker for family costumes, so last year Mr. TTT and I were cave people with our little baby dino, and this year I’m going to be a cat and Mr. TTT will be an animal control officer. I just love Halloween!

Do you make your LOs Halloween costumes or do you opt for something store bought?

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