I love doing crafts with Drake, and fall is a great time for them because there are so many crafts we can create with things we find outside. With the leaves changing colors and falling everywhere, as well as sticks, acorns, and rocks to collect, it’s the perfect way to spend the day with my little boy. Here are some fall nature crafts you can try out with your own little one.


Mice Pinecones – These look really adorable and perfect for table or window decorations. I bet you could use acorns for faces and string and twine to do the tails.


Pine cone fairy – I’m pretty sure Drake’s fairy won’t look as nice as this, but it’ll be fun and a way to use all those pine cones littering our yard.

Fairy House – I’ve always wanted to make a fairy house/garden with Drake. I don’t know if ours will be as detailed or look half as lovely as this one, but I’m sure we will construct something that we will love nevertheless.

Pinecone birds – These make me think of turkeys so it might be a fun table decoration as Thanksgiving draws near. You can even make bird feeders out of pinecones!

Leaf Printing – I really want to try this as we have such large leaves in our neighborhood and I’m sure they will make some really neat prints.

Leaf Crown – What kid doesn’t love to wear a crown? I thought this project where you use the leaves as templates was kind of interesting which is why I picked it, but a standard leaf crown is just as good.  Kids love them either way.

Glitter Leaves garland – We have so many large leaves blowing through the yard, what better way to make use of them than a pretty glittery garland? Drake loves leaves and glitter so it’s a win win.

Leaf Luminaries – These might need some additional help from mom and dadm but they really look amazing and not that difficult to make at all. Kids love collecting leaves anyway, and this is a useful way to display them in the home.

Leaf Animals – Drake loves having animals stand on top of each other. He piles his animal toys on top of one another all the time. I bet he would love to stack some leaves and then create animals out of them. I can’t wait to see what he dreams up!

Leaf Bowl – I can’t believe how amazing this looks and how simple it is to make. I’m thinking of making a few for display at Thanksgiving.

Stick Wind Chimes – Such a simple but fun project for the kids, and it would be so sweet to see hanging out in the yard.

Twig Votives – Another simple craft that’s perfect for kids who like collecting things.

Bark owl – We have a lot of large oak trees in our yard and they shed a lot of bark during the fall. I’ve seen pieces all around the yard for weeks now so when I saw this, I thought it would be a perfect craft to be able to use the bark as well as the acorns, sticks, and other things around our yard. A bonus that it’s an animal so I’m sure Drake will be keen on it.

Seahorse sticks – You could probably make any shape or animal you want ,but the minute I saw the seahorse I knew we had to try this. Hopefully I’ll be able to make a decent drawing of a seahorse and then Drake can glue on the sticks he loves gathering. If this turns out well, I’m going to hang it on his wall as I think it really looks neat.

Fall Wreath – I’m not sure a wreath made by Drake and me with the left over wood scraps in our yard will look as lovely as this so I might actually end up buying some nice wood circles at the store, but overall this doesn’t look too hard to accomplish even with a 4 year old sidekick.

What fall crafts do you like to do with your little ones?