The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the snow has melted…it’s spring! We are enjoying the great outdoors as much as possible, but we do still have quite a few rainy afternoons this time of year. To keep us sane, I compiled a list of fun spring related activities that are easy to pull together and don’t leave a mess behind!

Plastic Egg Scoop Activity – This activity could be done with or without the water! It would obviously be less messy without, but you could always add some water if you were feeling adventurous.

Materials: plastic eggs, various bowls/containers, large serving spoons



Growing Seeds – This activity teaches kids about what happens when a seed grows, but without any dirt!

Materials: tall clear plastic containers or cups, seeds, paper towels, cotton balls, permanent marker, glue


Fine Motor Carrot Garden – This is simple but such a genius idea! With just a little prep work this activity could be used over and over again!

Materials: Pipe cleaners (green and orange), cardboard egg carton


Spring Flower Fine Motor Activity – This is a fun variation of the pipe cleaner/colander activity! You could do this with or without the floral foam on the inside of the colander.

Materials: Artificial flowers, colander, floral foam in a half sphere shape (optional)


Sensory Butterfly –  This is super cute and appropriate for even the youngest explorers! You could let your older toddler help create it, or you could put it together on your own and just let them play! I love squishy fun that is also mess-free.

Materials: Freezer Gallon Ziploc Bags (the freezer kind are stronger!), scissors, permanent marker, duct tape, hair gel, mixed sequins, pipe cleaners

PicMonkey Collage (1)

Bugs and Beans Sensory Bin – Beans make an awesome mess- free sensory material, because they have a cool texture and are easy to pour, but they keep hands and clothes clean! This can be used inside and cleaned up pretty easily if any get spilled, or you could take this bin outside for even less mess!

Materials: Plastic bugs, black beans, plastic bowl or container, shovels or spoons (optional), magnifying glass (0ptional)

bugs and beans sensory bin

Pom Pom Sticky Window – This is a simple activity that can be set up once and played with over and over!

Materials: Contact paper, pom poms, tape


Pinwheels – These are so fun for windy spring days! You could stick to making them with plain paper, or you could decorate them first with markers, crayons, or stickers for a fun crafty twist! These directions don’t require pins, so they are safer for little hands.

Materials: craft foam, pipe cleaner, straw, scissors, measuring tape, hole punch, stapler


Sticky Wall Butterfly – If you want to take the sticky wall up a notch, try this fun butterfly creating craft! If you hate tiny pieces of tissue paper, though, skip this one. One big breeze and they will be everywhere! Or, you could ration the tissue paper pieces, only giving your kiddo a few at a time. That will probably be my strategy.

Materials: Contact paper, tissue paper pieces, scissors, permanent marker, tape, construction paper, pipe cleaner and wiggly eyes (optional)

Sticky Wall Butterfly Art Pin

Fruit Loop Rainbow Craft – This is a fun activity for an older toddler to complete. You can keep the mess to a minimum by drawing the glue lines yourself! This one isn’t completely mess free, but as crafts with glue go, the mess should be pretty minimal.

Materials: Construction paper, cotton balls, fruit loops or similar cereal, glue, markers or crayons,

rainbow craft for kids

Rainbow Streamer Craft – This is a fun mess-free sensory activity that gives kids an opportunity to use their sense of sound, as well as getting to move with the ribbon streamers! I will probably skip the painting the beans gold step.

Materials: Water bottle with lid, ribbons (colors of the rainbow), dry beans, something to poke a hole in the water bottle lid, gold paint (optional)


Rain Sticks – These would be so fun to make on a rainy day, and to compare the noise the rain stick makes to the rain outside!

Materials: two plastic bottles, toothpicks, rice, duct tape