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Surviving a Road Trip With Your Toddler

Since Mr. Garland and I are both teachers, we’ve had a lot of time this summer to do fun things as a family. We don’t travel much as a general rule, but this summer now that Jackson is older we have been venturing out more than usual! We took a few different trips this summer […]


Author Spotlight: Robert Munsch

by: Mrs. Schoolbus When I used to teach first grade, one of my favorite authors was Robert Munsch. We all know and love his classic Love You Forever. Who hasn’t shed a few tears after reading that one?! That book tugs at your heart strings, but I love all his books that tickle your funny […]

Heavy Work Activities for Toddlers-150729

Heavy Work for Active Toddlers

Over the course of Little Lion’s life, I have often described him as “active” and “busy” and “full of energy.” This is not uncommon for toddlers, but as I start to see him more and more around his peers, I have noticed that he seems to be even more “active” and “busy” and “full of […]


Summer Vacations At The Jersey Shore

My husband and I grew up at the south Jersey shore just outside of Atlantic City. We still visit our families there frequently, especially in the summer months, and I’m just now beginning to appreciate our hometown as a tourist destination. Every weekend the joy that fills our toddler on these trips makes it harder and harder to […]

Do We Know Too Much?

A Facebook group of mamas I have the privilege of being in recently had a discussion about plans for pain management during birth. The initial poster – a mama a few weeks out from her due date – was thinking about the impending process of birth, and didn’t really want full on birth stories (we have […]

books i want to read

Books I Want to Read

In a past life, the one where I had free time, enough energy to stay up past 8 PM, and the mental comprehension for reading books written other than Seuss and Boynton, I used to love reading. It’s been a long time since I got to read for pleasure again, but recently I had to take […]


Exercising During Pregnancy: Expectations vs Reality

Before I got pregnant, I was hopeful that I would be able to keep up my exercise routine during pregnancy. I really enjoy working out. I like the way I feel when I consistently exercise, and looking fit is nice too. I’ve done many different types of workouts from P90X at home, to spinning and […]

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