Okay, I may not want to have all the babies, but I most definitely have the fever, and I really don’t think our family is complete yet. Just saying that statement is blowing my mind, because I was adamant—adamant—that I only wanted two children. “One for each hip,” I’d tell people. In fact, after I’d say that, I’d caveat having more kids with, “Only if my husband got out of the military, because I can’t do it all by myself.” Being a solo parent for periods of a time is hard, and I really didn’t want to be completely out numbered, especially since I only have two hands to hold onto them.


From the day I met him, Mister Rabbit’s had his heart set on wanting several kids (three girls, to be exact), but I always shied away from the very thought of more than two. My brother rounded out our family of four, and our little family always felt perfect. We had a mini van and I got the back seat (all. to. myself.), and he rode in the middle. Going out to dinner was never an issue, because four-tops are always easy to snag, and neither of us were ever left out of anything, because we always had each other to play with.

Our littlest is just a few days shy of being five months old, so this isn’t a pregnancy announcement—it’s more of a realization. After I had BunBun something in me changed. I love being pregnant, I love growing a baby, and I actually really like labor. Then there’s everything that comes after—that’s the really good stuff. I adore seeing my girls play together, and I’m in awe of seeing them grow; it’s astonishing how much they learn, and watching them love is simply amazing. Having the four of us together is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced, but I just get the feeling that our family isn’t complete yet.


I suppose my younger, naive-self forgot to take into consideration that if I had more than two kids that they wouldn’t all be the same age (unless multiples came along, of course). I never thought about the fact that the children will grow up. If I get pregnant next year, my now two year old will be around four when the new baby arrived, and I wouldn’t have a baby anymore because my youngest would be two, and would then take on the roll of an older, middle child. They’d get older and more helpful—I wouldn’t have to carry all three on my hips at the same time.

The challenges of raising three kids would certainly keep me busy, and my hands would, indeed, be quite full, but so would my heart.

I struggled a lot after I found out I was pregnant with BunBun, because I truly didn’t know how I could love another little soul as much as I loved Bunny. She was my everything, and I invested so much into her life, starting with trying for close to a year to get pregnant with her. Then BunBun came along totally out of the blue. I was so busy during my pregnancy with her, chasing around her sister, that I didn’t have time to bond and fall in love like I did with my first pregnancy. Honestly, even after she was born it took more than a few days to feel that connection, but when it came, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I never understood how I could love another child until I had her and now my heart is bursting with a fierce love.

That love—that joy of having children—has captivated me and I want more of it. I want to experience another pregnancy, and I actually really want to go through labor and delivery again. But more than that, I’m looking forward to loving more children. While I don’t think we’ll be looking at starting a basketball team or starring in our own TV show with how many kids we’ll end up having, I do think there’s room for at least one more—God willing.

What about you. How many kids do you have or do you want to have? How did you know your family was complete?