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The First Year: A Marriage in Review

There’s no way to say it except directly: becoming parents has been the most challenging paradigm shift in my five-year marriage and nearly twelve-year relationship with my husband. Challenges in and of themselves aren’t necessarily negative, but they do require effort, focus, determination and, dang it, even a positive attitude, all of which are attributes that can […]

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Meeting Our Daughter

It’s hard to describe what it’s like meeting your daughter after watching her grow up through pictures over the last 17 months… It’s been about a month since we met our Lil’ Cowgirl and I’m still processing it and trying to wrap my head around all of the emotions and thoughts and feelings of that […]


Ten Things I Miss from my “Old Life”

Let’s be honest – as much as I adore having Jackson and wouldn’t change a single thing about my life as a mom, there are certain things that you just can’t do as a parent (at least, as a parent of a toddler!). I am obsessed with my little family, but things sure are different now!  Here are […]

Postpartum 101

Before I had Drake, I remember wondering a lot about labor and delivery: what does a contraction actually feel like; will I really be screaming my head off like one of those women in the movies; what is the “ring of fire” and “urge to push.” Luckily there are a myriad of resources that document […]

Homemade Nut Milk l Hellobee

Homemade Nut Milk

99% of me is sure I’m doing you a favor by sharing this easy tutorial on how to make nut milk at home. That nagging 1% I can attribute to this: Once you try homemade nut milk, you will be forever ruined for store bought. The flavors are more refreshing and customizable, the mouthfeel is far […]

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14 Functional and Stylish Fall and Winter Maternity Coats

Ah! Winter talk! Run and hide, RUN AND HIDE! It was hard for me to type the word, probably as hard as it was for you to read it. But it’s going to come eventually and it’s always less painful if you are fully prepared. I gathered up the best fall and a few winter […]


Celebrating 100 days

About a week ago, we celebrated Baby Pizza’s Baek Il, which is a common celebration for Koreans marking the 100th day after a child’s birth. A long time ago in Korea when there were more childhood diseases, the survival rate for babies was low so it was a pretty big deal for a baby to make […]

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