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Enjoying the Halloween Spirits

Haunted bath Apologies that this post isn’t more timely, (i.e. October 1st). The little Sk8ers have been home sick on and off all month, so I’m playing catch-up. But, if you’re like our family you enjoy a good ghost story all year. Hopefully, this round-up of ideas that get our little ghouls in the Halloween spirit can be referenced for a […]

Weekly Link Roundup

Tomorrow is our last day in the United States and we’ll be heading to the airport at 9pm after trick or treating. We still have some last minute packing/giving away/donating to do, but we’re in the home stretch! It was a lot of work, but it has been very freeing to get rid of all […]

The Nap Strike

For the last year and a half, Little Oats has been down to one nap, sleeping for about two hours right after lunch. When I’m home, my days are clearly segmented into morning and afternoon, or before-nap and after-nap. And when Baby Oats was born, I was thrilled to have nearly two hours each afternoon […]


10 Things I Learned About The transition from one to two little ones

Baby Pizza is nearing five months and Lil’ Pizza is 2 (almost 34 months), and I have to say having two little ones is not so easy. There are some good moments sprinkled here and there of course, but here is a list of what has changed now that I have transitioned from one to […]

Fun Drawing Supplies

Fun Drawing Supplies

Charlie and Olive both love drawing so much, and it can easily keep them occupied for hours. When we let them pick out a toy at the toy store, they will often choose arts and crafts supplies. We’ve experimented with all kinds of mediums from crayons to colored pencils, pastels, markers, pens, pencils, paint, and more. […]


VCI – Velamentous Cord Insertion

At my first child LeLe’s 20 week ultrasound, we found out that we were having a girl and I was beyond excited. And scared. I had a nagging feeling that something was weird, but there was nothing specific that I could identify as what was bothering me. The ultrasound tech was very nice and we […]


A Thankless Job

When I used to teach, my coworkers and I would often chat about how teaching is such a thankless job. I spent countless hours outside of the classroom grading papers, planning lessons, researching, and shopping for things for my classroom. It was never-ending but I still loved it even when no one said thank you […]

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