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One and Done?

“This is our family. Right now, this feels complete and perfect. Maybe, in the future, it won’t anymore, and then, that’s when we really consider what’s next. But, until that feeling comes, let’s just enjoy this. This wonderful, perfect, complete family of three.” We were sitting outside at a local Mexican restaurant, watching William devour […]


Learning T’s sleep patterns

I hesitate to even write about T’s sleep yet, as the superstitious side of me says, “Don’t do it! You’ll jinx it!” I figure most of you readers are parents yourselves though, far more experienced than we are, and you’ll understand the desire to celebrate the small victories even if you know they might be short lived. […]

The fallacy of “Just Relax”

I feel so incredibly lucky that my infertility journey is quickly approaching its long-awaited conclusion, as we approach the due dates for our little girls in just a few short weeks. I don’t want to imply in any way that I am not grateful for the fortunate change in events that Mr. Starfish and I […]


Couponing: Getting Started

This is a guest post from Jen of becauseimwrite. Couponing can appear to be a strange, dark abyss that swallows previously normal human beings whole. But once you get your feet wet, it’s not all that bad, and soon you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars a month. I’m going to lay out 4 tips for those […]

Montessori Apples at Hello Bee

Montessori Practical Life – Making Apple Slinkys

Have you tried making apply slinkys with your toddler? This is a really fun way to make a healthy snack. I have seen this apple slicer in every Montessori toddler class I have been to, and I  just had to try it at home! Now it’s a favourite. Supervision and adult help (often to get […]


Author Spotlight: Rosemary Wells

A great author is one you can count on, trusting that any book she writes is one you’ll enjoy. That is definitely how I feel about Rosemary Wells. You probably know author Rosemary Wells from her beloved books about Max and Ruby, but Max and Ruby are just two of the many characters created by […]


On Becoming My Mother

When I first found out I was pregnant, I immediately adopted a parenting mantra – I will not be anything like my mother. I have no idea why this became my mantra. My mom is one of the most amazing people I know, and I have endless respect and admiration for her as a person […]

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