Things have been a bit crazy over here in the Lion household! We are taking a bit of a break this summer and I have cut my work hours and the kids’ daycare hours back to two days a week, so we are looking forward to lots of fun in the sun this summer!

Little Lion is 3 this year and Baby Lion is 15 months, so finding things they can enjoy together is not always easy. Little Lion loves to build…and Baby Lion loves to destroy! Little Lion loves pouring, moving, and manipulating little tiny things…and Baby Lion loves to try to eat them! As much as they WANT to play together, many times it ends up frustrating for us all.

Below is a compilation of things that are both safe and fun for both age groups, and I think they will be perfect for us this year!

Paint Splats – Both Baby Lion and Little Lion love hammering, so this one is right up their alley. I try to save my messiest play ideas for the summer time since it is so easy to just hose everyone off outside. Looking forward to this one!




Pouring Station – Little Lion stays much more focused on water play when there is some novelty included. I love all these different pitchers and colors. This definitely gives me some inspiration for things to add to our water table this summer.

pouring station

Fizzing Colors – A toddler safe science experiment that is exciting and interesting for all ages!



Balloon Tennis – This one looks like a lot of fun. They can play together or separately, but I can see this one keeping them busy for quite a while. Note: Balloons are a choking hazard if broken, so keep an eye on your balloons and if one pops, make sure you get all the pieces before your baby/toddler does!


Painting with Feet – Another super messy activity that is much more fun outside. I may even let LL clean this one up with the hose, since the hose is his absolute favorite toy ever!


Backyard Car Wash – LL is always asking to paint things that are not paper, so I know he will really enjoy this one. Again, he loves anything with a hose. As an additional bonus, this one will require some concentration and effort to get the car clean again. Baby Lion will just enjoy making a mess and getting soaked!


Balls! – Both kids really enjoy playing with balls of all sizes, so I love these creative ideas!


Fly Swatter Murals – More messy fun. I may even just let them paint on the side of the house so I don’t have to use paper.


Painting with Water  – Little Lion already really loves this activity! He could paint our deck with a roller for hours. We will definitely be coming back to this one with both kids through the summer.


Nature Scavenger Hunt – This cute printable includes lots of fun things that my 3 year old loves looking for when we are outside! Baby Lion loves to tag along wherever we go, so this will be fun for us all.


What are some of your favorite summer sensory activities?