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What to Bring to Your Kid’s First Day of Preschool

Little CC is getting ready to start his second year of preschool (what?!). Since we’ve done this before, I thought I’d share what we’re stocking up on and sending with him on the first day. This time last year, I was so lost and confused as to what he would need, and I felt a […]

Cute Tater

Posterior Tongue Tie – A Year Later

Little Bug was born with a posterior tongue tie and at 16 weeks, he had a corrective procedure done to release the tie. We are approaching the one year mark of finding out he had the tie, and I wanted to update how we are doing with the tie now. We have now passed one […]

Ready for the day

Part Time WOHM-Daily Routine

I’ve seen a couple of these on here recently from some of the other bloggers, so I thought I would throw my hat into the ring! Currently I’m working out of the home for 30 hours a week from 8am to 2:3o pm. Here’s what a week day in my life looks like! 5:45am – […]


Leave for Self-Employed Mothers in Canada

This topic is loaded for me. I have worked really hard over the last seven+ months to shift my perspective from bitter to grateful on this one… but there is still a part of me that sees a flaw in the system. The topic? Maternity leave for small business owners in Canada. I’ve been working […]


Lion’s Birth Story: A Placental Abruption

This post is an edited version of something originally written in August 2014. After having a partial placental abruption at 32 weeks, staying in the hospital for several days, being put on bed rest for several weeks, and having three doctors appointments a week for more than four weeks, I finally hit 37 weeks and […]


DIY Super Simple Hooded Towels

A year or so ago, my best friend made a hooded towel for Jackson. He fell in love with it more or less immediately, and ever since he has requested it at every single bath time. He gets very upset if his towel doesn’t include a hat, and we’ve had more than a few arguments […]

Magical moment. All photos by Sweetly Cherished Photography.

A surrogate delivery from the perspective of an intended mother

I’ve written a little bit about Baby Audrey’s surrogacy birth in this post, but I wanted to put together a list of tips as well as my thoughts about the birth experience from the point of view of an intended mother. There were a few things that caught me by surprise, and also a few […]

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