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Christmas Morning

Christmas Hits

Another Christmas is over and now it’s time to see how well Santa did with the present choices. Gifts are my love language so I like to think I’m pretty good at gauging what gifts my kids will like. I spend a lot of time during the year saving ideas for their birthdays and Christmas. […]

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Postpartum Body Image, the Second Time Around

One of the moments that sticks out to me, after I had M, was when I was getting dressed to go get my staples out. It was my first time putting on real clothes to leave the house, having lived in a nursing tank and pyjama pants for about four days. I was very swollen, still, […]


Saying Goodbye to the Binky

We did it! We have about a month left until Jackson’s third birthday, and I can officially say that we are a pacifier-free home. My goal was to get it done before he turned three, so I’m really thrilled to be done with the whole ordeal. I really had no idea what to expect when […]

Christmas Eve exhaustion. Gone are the days of a cute holiday outfit. Here are the days of wearing my undershirt for Christmas dinner because my holiday blouse has spit-up on it...

Holiday Exhaustion

I have written in posts this month about how happy this holiday season has been for me. I truly have never experienced more joy and happiness than I have this December, my first with my baby girls. But now that Christmas has come and gone, can I just say how tired I am? “Tired” really […]


Keeping Our Kid in Preschool During Maternity Leave

We recently had a disastrous morning — well, frankly, we’ve had a LOT of disastrous mornings since we brought A home, but this one was especially bad. I can’t carry anything heavier than the baby, so Mac Daddy has been soloing preschool drop-off and pickup, and it hasn’t been easy to get M out of […]

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Transitioning from the Toddler Room to Preschool

A couple months ago, Lion moved up from the toddler room to the preschool. We were thrilled because as the youngest in his cohort (he has an August birthday; the others in his class turned two-years-old in April-July), he missed his friends and desperately wanted to move up as he waited for a space to […]

Everything You Need to Know about Chemical Pregnancy

A week ago I took a pregnancy test around 6:00 AM, when my whole house was quiet, and to my great shock, I saw two pink lines. I woke up Mr. Cotton Candy to tell him the news, and then it was on with our day…we had a ton of cleaning and organizing to do […]

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