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Books that have influenced the way I parent: Part 1

I love reading. I find relief in being able to inform myself about things that are important to me, but I also enjoy escaping into a book when I need time to myself. Since becoming a parent I have tried to keep up with my love of reading and have mostly stuck to parenting books that […]

10 Ideas on How to Relax at Home

I am a go-go-go type person and I tend to fill all my time with productive activities. I like to check things off my list and relaxing just isn’t in my vocabulary. If I were to be honest with myself, I think I associate relaxation with indulgence and I feel guilty for indulging myself especially […]


Comparing Siblings

My girls were born five weeks apart. While not technically twins, they are pretty darn close and I consider myself a twin mom. I remember at our first pediatrician appointment with both girls, I had my list of questions for the doctor and nearly all of the questions revolved around why one baby was doing […]

Making the Transition to SAHM: Figuring Out Finances

I’ve written before about my desire to find work/life balance as a freelancer who works from home, and now that this pregnancy is real, Mr. Cotton Candy and I are starting to dig into some tough decisions. The major difficulty is that as a contract worker, not an employee, I have no rights to maternity […]

bean balls

40 Vegetarian/Pescatarian Recipes

With Lent beginning on Wednesday and the Dolphin family generally going vegetarian and/or pescatarian during this period, I was going through recipes and trying to find some new ones to try. Here are 40 vegetarian and pescatarian recipes, the vast majority of which are fairly quick and easy to make. If ensuring enough protein is […]


The products and entertainment I’m loving right now when I’m not watching Thomas the Tank Engine

Two is the best age (so far!). Nothing makes me smile more than when Max says, “I need help,” does the action himself then says “I did it.” But I’m human and need a break sometimes. Whether it’s a 20 minute hydrating face mask or getting lost in a new podcast, here are some of […]

To Preschool or Not?

When Eli was just under two, our well meaning families started asking about when Eli would start preschool. Preschool wasn’t even on my radar when Eli was 22 months, but all the questions got me thinking about it. My husband went to preschool, I went to preschool, most everyone I know went to preschool. It […]

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