DIY Carrot Lovey

Looking for something to go in a toddler Easter basket? How about a cute and cuddly carrot lovey! It’s easy to sew and with the soft fleece fabric and ribbon tags, your little one with love snuggling with this happy veggie.

The sewing is very basic, and between ribbons and the variety of super soft fabrics available, there’s lots of room for customization. You could even use an orange towel instead of fleece! And if you’re not up for embroidery, simply leave the face off.

A Super Snuggly Easter Carrot


Now, let’s start sewing something special from the Easter Bunny!

Carrot Lovey Supplies

You will need:

Orange fleece
Green ribbons and/or ric-rac
Black embroidery floss
Disappearing ink pen
Sewing machine
Needle and thread

Carrot Lovey Pattern

Cut the Carrot Pieces

Assemble the two pattern pieces to form the carrot. Cut out two carrot shapes from the orange fleece.

Cut five pieces of ribbon or ric rac. For mine, I cut some of them to be 5in and some 6in, but you can alter this however you want. Shorter carrot stems are cute too!

Embroider the Face

Use a disappearing ink pen to mark the face on one of the carrot pieces. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it helps to have a guide as you stitch the face.

Embroider the mouth and around the eyes with back stitch. Fill in the eyes with satin stitch. I used all six strands of the floss so the lines were nice and bold.

Pin and Sew the Ribbons

Fold the stem pieces in half and pin them to the top of the carrot piece without the face. The ends of the ribbons should follow the curve of the carrot and match up with the fabric edge.

Sew across these on your sewing machine, stitching about 1/8in from the edge. This will hold the stems in place as you assemble the rest of the carrot, while giving them some extra security.

Tip: When sewing fleece, it can help to adjust the presser foot to have less pressure.

Pin and Sew the Carrot Layers

Place the two carrot pieces right sides together and pin. Sew around the sides with a 3/8in seam allowance, leaving a 2in opening for turning the carrot right side out. Back stitch at the beginning and end.

Roll the Seams to Open Them

Turn the carrot right side out. Roll the seams with your fingers to open them up or use a chopstick to help poke the point out and smooth out the seams from the inside.

Sew the Opening Closed Sew the Opening with Ladder Stitch

Hand stitch the opening with ladder stitch, working back and forth on each side. It’s helpful to use orange thread, but it’s not absolutely necessary because when you pull the stitches tight, they’ll just about disappear. Secure the end with a knot.

Fleece Carrot Lovey with Ribbon Tags

This lovey carrot is ready to be planted in an Easter basket or handed to a little one for some snuggles.

Certainly this bunny is loving his carrot lovey! The fleece makes it extra soft and cuddly and the face gives it a special cuteness.

Taggie Carrot Stems

Little ones will enjoy playing with the ribbons and feeling their texture. Plus the loops make it easy to hold onto the lovey and drag it around!

Cuddle with a Easy-Sew Carrot Lovey

And while you may never have considered cuddling with a carrot, this one is so soft and sweet that you might just give this veggie a snuggle too!

Happy Crafting!