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Three Day Potty Training

This post has been difficult to write because on the one hand, I’m not entirely sure this method has worked for us, but on the other hand, Crumb understands the concept and is completely out of diapers. We started the three day potty training method almost two weeks ago and after a couple of successful days, Crumb has started […]

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DIY Cardboard Box Castle

We’ve been slowly accumulating tons of cardboard boxes since we’ve moved into the new house. I wanted to take advantage of the long weekend and use the boxes for a fun toddler project. I looked different ways to make use of our boxes on Pinterest… and of course, I was overwhelmed! A rocket? A car? […]

I Thought It’d be Easier

By all accounts this 2nd time around should have been easier. I’m taking more time off. Family is in town for 6 weeks to help out. It’s my second time. This baby was planned. I’m recovering after a much shorter labor process. I don’t have a bakery I’m running in the garage. The list of […]

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Pat the Bunny First Birthday Party

This past weekend we celebrated the girls’ first birthday with a large party! Given the girls’ current love of the classic children’s book Pat the Bunny, I tied that theme throughout their party. I created the invitations by loosely matching the cover of the book. Although I sent out paper invitations to the grandparents, I […]

Working as a team.

Summer berry picking with a toddler

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit sad about the end of the school year. H went to 10 hours a week of Parents Day Out and those hours helped my sanity so much this year. The prospect of keeping a toddler occupied all summer is very intimidating to me, and so I […]

Hello Bee, Scrubbing Vegetables

Montessori friendly ways to keep toddlers busy in the kitchen

Are you looking for ways to keep your toddler busy while you are cooking or cleaning in the kitchen? Lots of Montessori parents will have their child work alongside them, but some toddlers are easily distracted or just want to play! As most children love water play, here are eight Montessori friendly ways to keep […]


Three Under Two: Surviving the First Year

Two and a half years ago, I gave birth to our sweet Graham Man when our twins were 22-months old. Then you pretty much didn’t hear from me for a year or so. Time to blog was non-existent. So, for the approximately 3.2 people reading this who have or will ever have three kids under […]

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