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1 year old Girl Gift Guide

I have been loving this early toddler phase – finding out more and more of Jujube’s preferences and personality and watching her play, look at books and be active. Here are a few items I have on her Christmas list, some things she’s into now at a year and half old, and some things I remember her loving right around […]


Gift Guide for Husbands, Brothers, & Other Guys

It can feel really hard to find the perfect gift for your husband, brother, and other guys in your life, but it doesn’t have to be! There are so many great gift ideas for guys, 10 of which I’ve rounded up below (price listed subject to change and hopefully, maybe even drop during holiday sales): 1/ […]

The Long Goodbye (to the pacifier)

Baby C (not so much a baby anymore!) turns 4 and a half this week, and with it, we have hit the final baby transition milestone – ditching the pacifier. There are tons of posts both on the blog and on the community boards about getting rid of pacifiers, so I considered not even writing […]


Gift Guide: 3 year old boys

As December rapidly approaches here is my list of awesome toys that your three year old is sure to love! 1) Code a Pillar – Max got this for a gift when he turned 2, but he was too young to understand how it worked. Now that he is almost 3 he understands the different pieces and […]

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How Were You Kind Today?

A little while back, I read an article (probably linked from one of Mrs. Bee’s link roundups!) that suggested that instead of asking your kids, “What did you do at school today?” you should ask, “How were you kind today?” Personally, I always hated it when my parents asked me what I did in school […]

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Shutterfly Gift Guide

I absolutely love Shutterfly. I use it multiple times throughout the year to print photos, make photo books, gifts and I order my Christmas cards every year from them. They’re having a sale that ends todayHere are 10 options! Pillows/Blankets – My parents are obsessed with their dog Pixie, so I uploaded some photos of her […]


Gift guide for 5-year-old girls

Lil’ Pizza turns five soon after Christmas, so it often feels like she gets an abundance of gifts all at one time.  We try our best to spread out the gifts and activities, which is especially helpful during the winter months when we are often inside.  These gift ideas are geared towards Lil’ Pizza’s interests […]

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