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The Mystery of a Reluctant Reader

BeBe has loved books since she was a baby and could listen to story after story until my voice gave out. While I thought she was capable of learning to read by decoding words and memorizing word families before kindergarten. I didn’t necessarily feel it was a skill we needed to push at a young […]

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Five Friday Favorites

It’s Friday! This week, it’s my turn to share my five favorites – I’d love to hear yours as well! 1) Beyond Meat Company – I went vegan for Lent this year and really fell in love with the Beyond Meat company whenever I was craving something meat-y. While I generally try to ensure that we […]


Toys for Tiny Hands – 8 and 9 Month Olds

Baby Pencil is reaching a really fun age… 9 months! I remember it being my favorite baby period with Toddler Pencil. One very key thing to keeping a 9 month old happy is constantly giving her things to play with in her hands – on the floor, the dining table, the stroller and on my […]

After-School Routine for Elementary Kids

Turns out routines aren’t just for babies and toddlers. We’ve learned big kids thrive on structure too. When BeBe moved from preschool to elementary school, I had a laid-back approach to how she spent her time after school. But by the second semester that resulted in an over-tired kid and bedtime battles. We established a […]

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Five Friday Favorites – May 18, 2018

Hi everybody, I’m up for the five Friday favorites post today! It’s been so fun to read what everyone else is into and I’m excited to share mine as well! Bath bombs. The boys have been loving these lately! It started when they saw me take out a Lush bath bomb to put in my […]


The bittersweet of parenthood

Our son recently just turned 18 months! The second year has been interesting, and full of developments and changes. They’re still kind of babies, but also toddlers. I will fully admit that months 13-16 were not my favourite ones. I found that transition period of baby to toddler difficult. My son got 9 teeth in that […]


Selling Our Home

As I mentioned in my last post, one of the biggest reasons why our lives have felt so crazy lately involved the selling of our condo. We put a lot of work and time into finishing our renovations, 90% of which we did ourselves. And by “we,” I mean Mr. Dolphin since I fractured my […]

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