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Five Friday Favorites – June 29, 2018

Happy Friday! Here are few current favorite items I love from house decor, make-up, and hair, to a kid’s app. Table Runners– Changing up the décor in the house is fun but can be expensive. For a change in season or hosting a fun party, I switch up the table runner in my house. It […]

Favorite Non-Meat Products

The Dolphin household has been trying to go more vegetarian and for Lent this year, I went vegan. While I am a big proponent of eating “real food,” rather than processed food, and I enjoy lots of vegetarian meals, there are definitely time when I’m craving a burger or chicken. I sometime make my own […]


Night Weaning a Toddler

I was hesitant to write this post. Depending on the company you keep you can be faced with lots of judgment when it comes to baby sleep and weaning. Everyone has a different comfort level, parenting style and, well, child. So you do you. I’m writing about this topic today just in case someone else […]

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The Surrogacy Relationship – Two Years Later

I’ve written in the past about what our relationship looked like with our surrogate after birth. At the time of that post, we were only about five months post-delivery. Now, we are two years post-delivery. I figured you may be curious what the relationship looks like now, as this was something that I was always […]

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Moving from Two Cribs to Two Toddler/ Floor Beds

We waited an incredibly long time to move Lion out of his crib and into a toddler bed, in part because he never really tried to climb out. He did attempt it once, then I told him it was dangerous and he never really tried again. Panda, however, began climbing out at 18 months and […]

On Body Image

At a recent pediatrician visit, my daughter got weighed, as per usual practice. I noted her weight as the nurse read it out loud, and filed it away in the “Google later” category, as I have been doing with her weight since she born. My daughter was born a low-weight premie, and for 2+ years, […]


Peter Pan Themed Kids Room

Peter Pan is one of those stories that I read as a kid and really resonated with me.  I loved the idea of flying through the London sky on my way to Neverland. In some ways I still feel like I am forever that little kid trapped inside an aging body looking for that moment to […]

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