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Family costumes Halloween Countdown – 2017

Last year we went with simple classic Halloween costumes. We decided to go with monsters. We figured that would give plenty of opportunities for lots of our friends and family to join in. My oldest decided on the Wolfman. His was pretty easy to put together. We bought the flannel shirt and gloves and then […]


Family Costumes Halloween countdown – 2016

2016 probably gave my mom and I the most trouble as far as costume making goes. We had to butcher a lot of available patterns, buy old 90s patterns from etsy and some we had to just make up as we went along. In 2016 the kids were 7 and 5 and we went for […]


Family Costumes Halloween countdown – 2015

2015 was probably one of my favorite years. Not only did I get to play one of my all time favorite book characters, but because the kids really got into picking their costumes and having some strong opinions about what they wanted. The boys were six and my daughter was four. We had just read […]


Family Costumes Halloween countdown – 2014

It’s no secret — I love Halloween. All holidays really, but Halloween is especially fun. The last time I posted about our family Halloween costumes was in 2013. That made me realize two things: I have been a blogger on Hellobee for a very long time and I should probably do an update. So far […]

ADHD and (No) Screentime

I was writing a post about why years 6 and 8 have been the best yet, but then Charlie had a mini meltdown this week. It was easy to pinpoint the cause — we just got back from a weekend trip to El Nido where he had copious candy from a Halloween party, tons of […]


Link Roundup – October 24, 2018

October is my favorite month of the year, but once it starts the rest of the year just flies by with lots of birthdays and holidays! We’re just one week away from Halloween! Here are some interesting parenting links from around the web this week! E D U C A T I O N Why […]


Preparing for Our Third

A lot of our friends and family have kids who are just getting out of the baby/toddler phase, so we look forward to getting a lot of hand-me-down baby clothes. We also still have a lot of our baby items like the swing, bottles, pack-n-play and bassinet. But, if I had to create a registry […]

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