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The Cost of Eating on a Very Restrictive Diet

On one of my posts about the strict diet I adhere to because of my chronic illnesses, specifically the fact I deal with uncontrollable vomiting, one of you all asked me if this made our grocery bill very high. The short answer is: yes, definitely. I grocery shop for myself about every other week. When […]


16 Sandwich Ideas for Kids’ Lunches

When Olive starts school again in June, I’ll have to pack a lunch every day. While I’m used to packing bento boxes, lately the kids have been getting into sandwiches more, when they used to refuse to eat hamburgers! Given that Olive will not eat tomatoes or lettuce, here are  some classic and unique sandwich […]

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The Strain of Growth

Moving and getting (ourselves) sorted has been really hard. It’s been a rollercoaster lately. We just started feeling like a little rest was creeping in and now we’re feeling the strain again. The hardest part is actually that even though we know a few people here since we went to college here, we don’t know […]


Life on a Twelve-Food Diet

After a hospitalization and an abdominal scope, I was diagnosed with cyclical vomiting syndrome. I have talked previously about my diet and foods I avoid. Now that I’m out of the hospital, I want to crack down on my diet even more and try to figure things out better. In addition to this diet, I […]


An Unschooling Trip to Los Angeles

We’re headed to Los Angeles for three weeks soon, and I’ve been planning this trip from an unschooling perspective, trying to do as many educational experiences as we can, which means museums, bookstores, and libraries. My kids have already done the big things like Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Legoland. Having grown up in Los Angeles […]


Adult Coloring

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I am currently in the hospital. I have also mentioned that I’m not a hobby person. The only major hobby I have is writing, though I also enjoy reading. But having been in the hospital, it’s been hard to focus on reading, writing, or anything but the extreme pain […]


Homeschooling & Unschooling FAQ

Here are some questions you guys had about our homeschooling/unschooling adventures! a typical unschooling day — an intermediate hour long hike to a waterfalls with Charlie What is Charlie’s current school path as he gets older? What are options if you decide to stay here longer? I know you are also thinking about moving elsewhere […]

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