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The girls giving their daddy some snuggle love after dance class!

Parenting and spousal travel

It has been a couple of months since I last posted here because things have been really hectic for the Starfish family. We recently purchased a house here in Lexington and have been dealing with packing and moving with two three-year-olds. It’s been an overwhelming and somewhat frustrating time in our lives. Adding to the […]


13 Pasta Recipes for Kids

The only pasta I make is spaghetti with meat sauce because it was the only pasta dish my mom made growing up. I also tend to avoid eating pasta most of the time because it makes me gain weight (darn you delicious carbs!). But my daughter loves pasta, and they’re so great as leftovers the […]


Link Roundup – July 29, 2019

Here are some interesting parenting links from around the web this week! H E A L T H Are Essential Oils Safe For Kids? via New York Times The Trouble With Amber Teething Necklaces via New York Times Don’t Put All Your (Frozen) Eggs in One Basket via New York Times Team Sports May Help […]

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When Taking a Pay Cut is Worth It

When you had your first born, did you consider whether you should stay working full-time? Part-time? Or be a full-time stay at home mom? Obviously not everyone is able to consider all those options — some may want to stay home for instance, and that may not be an option available to them. I’ve always been […]

workin moms

New TV Shows to Binge

It’s been a while since anyone has done a tv show post, so I thought I’d recommend a few shows that I’ve found and really love. Workin’ Moms – This is one of the funniest and most realistic takes on motherhood that I have ever seen on television. The women featured are relatable, funny, and interesting. […]

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Big Birthday Parties vs. Small Birthday Parties

Earlier this year, we threw Panda his first birthday party when he turned 3. We had previously thrown two birthday parties for Lion when he turned 3 and 4. Our experience throwing Panda’s birthday party was much different than Lion’s because the guest list was greatly expanded! Panda enjoying the pre-party setting up. Lion is […]


How to Step Back if you don’t Enjoy Homemaking

I grew up with a mom who stayed at home with us, was awesome at it, and a big promoter of it. She stood up for it gently and constantly, because she had to. It’s often not something people are very supportive of, and so I grew up watching my mom be her own advocate […]

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