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Essential Oils

I was never too interested in essential oils, but so many of my friends use them here, I’m around them constantly. The first time I became interested in essential oils was when I was at a friend’s Christmas party last year, and she was diffusing a Christmas oil that smelled so good! Then when I was […]

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Day in the Life: WOHM with Twin 3-year Olds

It has been ages since I’ve done a Day in the Life post – over two years in fact! While life doesn’t exactly feel the same sort of hectic as it did in the newborn days and the stressors are certainly different than the one-year days, life remains busy with two 3-year-olds. I think it’s always interesting to […]


Link Roundup – August 28, 2019

Here are some interesting parenting links from around the web this week! H E A L T H The message of measles via New Yorker Letting kids get dirty has lifelong health benefits via Motherly What is autism? How the term became too broad to have meaning any more via The Guardian Johnson & Johnson’s Brand […]


Announcing Baby #3

Well, the headline pretty much says it all! The entire Dolphin household is excited that we are expecting a third baby. While Mr. Dolphin and I are very happy, our two boys are beyond thrilled. Baby #3’s due date is at Christmas (!) but we wouldn’t be surprised with an arrival anywhere between Thanksgiving and […]


Preschool is about to begin!

We are on the cusp of a change that so many parents have gone through before – Scout is about to go to preschool. She starts next week –  it’s only on Tuesday and Thursday but it should be awesome for her. I just got back from the “listening conference” they call it where the […]

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IUGR Diagnosis at 20 Weeks

Another post I am surprised to be writing. And something I could barely talk about after initially hearing the news. Why am I sharing it on the internet then? Well, I went looking for other families with this same issue (on YouTube and Instagram), and they were incredibly hard to find because a diagnosis of severe IUGR […]

Effective Mosquito Repellents

In April earlier this year, I was hospitalized with severe dengue fever, a mosquito-borne illness that has reached epidemic proportions here in the Philippines. It’s just recently that I feel like I’ve fully recovered. There are 5 different strains of dengue and once you have a particular strain you are immune from it, but not […]

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