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Indoor Croquet 1

Toddler Activities: Indoor Croquet

Summertime is all about being outside and playing in the sunshine and lovely temps but sometimes, even in this outdoor season, we have to find activities for indoors. We’ve had a string of very hot, humid days which have kept us inside and after a few days, our regular activities just aren’t holding their attention. […]

A Simple Doodle Book – A Book Built to Fall Apart

Engaging my children with paper and colors has saved me numerous times. It’s a quiet activity for church or wedding service, to fill time in the waiting area of a doctor’s office or an afternoon of a rainy day. There have even been instances when I’ve handed them a post-it pad and pen just so […]

Goo Sensory Bags

I’m not much for mess, but my little guy loves it. Mud, dirty puddles, sand. If it’s questionable, he will check it out. That’s why I love these goo sensory bags. It’s gooey and squishy without any mess! My mom used to make them when I was younger, and I remember scrunching and pressing and […]

Spring Flower Votives

We haven’t been experiencing much of a spring where we live, and we are definitely ready for it! As a DIYer, I’ve been trying to find ways of “making” spring happen. Just too impatient, I suppose. Along with that, my daughter is very into tea parties, table settings and all things fancy. With her in […]

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