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After I posted about the tweenager issues we’ve seen recently with our daughter, I got a message from a friend who had been through something similar. She told me what had worked for her and wow, it was such a relief to hear that there was hope! She had a long list of advice, but here […]



I recently told my 10-year-old daughter, “I love you”… and she just kept reading her book. “Did you hear me?” I asked. “I said, ‘I love you!’ She didn’t look up but simply said, “Meow.” She is turning into a teenager! She used to drop “I Love Yous” on us all the time, but lately has […]



Earlier in the pandemic, we had an incident with our kids. They had agreed to not do something, but then we found them doing it. It wasn’t terrible (they were playing Minecraft in the evening without permission), but it really affected me.  It was the first time they had really broken a big promise to […]


The Different Levels of being an Immigrant

Mrs. Bee’s parents are first-generation immigrants. They came from South Korea to America in the early 80s with $50 in their pocket. Bee is their child, so you’d think that she would be a second-generation immigrant. But she was born overseas and then moved to America as a child… so she didn’t immigrate by herself […]


How video games changed our homeschooling

The kids spend about half their day homeschooling, and the second half of their day coding video games. It all started last year when we watched a documentary about video games called “Indie Game: The Movie.” The movie profiled 3 video game developers and the video games they made: Super Meat Boy, Braid and Fez. […]


Back to Basics: Beekeeping

Bee and I have been getting back to basics lately: raising chickens, farming food and keeping bees. Our goal is to grow most of our own food within a year or so, and hopefully even sooner – since we are trying to feed all of our live-in staff during this pandemic. Some live-out staff is […]

orion hunter

On becoming an Orion

Back in high school, I woke up every day at 4 am, ready to deliver the Washington Post newspaper to the 120 houses on my paper route. In the cold winter mornings, my breath would frost the air as I felt the heat slowly leave my body. I tried not to think about the cold […]

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