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Typhoon Maring

Due to a typhoon here in the Philippines, our internet has been down the past two days. There has been widespread flooding and landslides and it’s a miracle we’ve only had 2 short brownouts. A part of our roof flew away and a portion of our front gate was destroyed, so we have to start […]

Covid Vaccines for Kids 5-11

Yesterday, Pfizer and BioTech asked the FDA for emergency use approval of their Covid vaccine for kids 5-11. A tentative meeting has been scheduled for October 26th, with a ruling that could come as soon as Halloween. A 1/3 adult dosage has been proposed for kids 5-11, with 28 million children in the eligible age […]


A Pandemic 10th Birthday

For their birthdays last year, both kids had two of their close friends over for a very small party. This year we’ve been much stricter about quarantining, so it was just our family for Olive’s 10th birthday. We had planned for the kids to go on a 4-hour horseback riding lesson, but a big storm […]

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13 Easy Apple Recipes

I loved going apple picking every October when we lived in New York. We would always get hot apple cider and apple cider donuts too, then bring home more apples than we could eat. We usually made apple chips out of our excess apples. Recently I made apple sauce for the first time and was […]


Pandemic Netflix Binge Watches

During the pandemic, I went through periods where I would binge watch a lot of Netflix, and periods where I wouldn’t watch anything for months at a time. I also started watching Korean dramas again for the first time in over 20 years because there’s such a huge variety now, and I had so much […]


One Month of Expenses in the Philippines

I thought I would share our expenses for the month of September to give you an idea of the cost of living in the Philippines. We don’t pay rent, but our property requires a lot of maintenance and a full-time maintenance person, with an occasional construction staff, because¬†we have to manage our own water from […]

What Are Your Covid Safety Procotols for Your Family?

I just booked our flights for a three month trip to the US today. We’re scheduled to leave 2 weeks after we get our second dose of the Astra Zeneca vaccine because immunity is supposed to peak by then. We’d been largely spared from a huge outbreak thus far thanks to our remote location, a […]

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