What is Hellobee?

Hellobee is a community that provides support, education, and inspiration for the modern parent. Our blog is updated at least six times a day Monday-Friday, our message boards are active around the clock, and you can buy and sell gear on our classifieds.

We write about:

– all the big stuff like pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, potty training, discipline
– things that helps us become better parents like nutrition, budgeting, organization, education
– inspirational ideas including nursery decor, DIY projects, mom and mini fashion, and children’s activities

Who are the Blogger Bees?

The Blogger Bees are a diverse group of real mom volunteers who share their real parenting experiences. You can find the application to be a blogger here.

Why do the Bees blog under various icons?

In order to maintain some anonymity for the bloggers as well as their children, each blogger uses a handle like Mrs. Bee. The handles also make it easier for readers to remember each blogger than if we were using actual names. We first started with the children’s games generation, followed by wheels, dress-up clothes, art supplies, party food/supplies, and animals. You can see all the past generations of icons here.

Can I save a particular blog or boards post to my profile?

Click on the “heart” icon at the bottom of each blog or boards post and it will be saved to your profile.

Can I subscribe to a particular blog post?

Click on the “Subscribe via email” checkbox at the bottom of each post to receive any comments on a particular post via email.

What are Hellobee Series?

Hellobee Series are pages that group together posts on the same topic, such as sleep training, starting solids, flying with kids, etc. Eventually we hope to organize all of our best content into Series. You can see all of our current Series here.

I have a great idea for the site. Where should I send it to?

Please comment on our Suggestions forum. Many of our features have come from member requests.

I need help with the site. Whom should I contact?

Please comment on our Help forum. That is the fastest way to receive a response.

//   B O A R D S   //

What is Hellobee Gold?

Hellobee Gold members can post Gold Only threads to the boards that are visible only to other Gold members, and are invisible from Google searches. They can also leave private wall messages, hide specific boards from their boards front page, and post listings in the Classifieds. For more information about Hellobee Gold, please go here.

How do I edit my post?

You have 3 hours to edit your post by clicking on the “edit” link.

How do I delete a post?

There should be a small “delete” link next to all of the board posts you’ve ever made.   New bees will get the three deletions as soon as they join, and then earn one more every 4 months.  Details here.

How do I change my username?

Every user is allowed one lifetime username change. Please make any requests on the Help forum.

What are the rules for the boards?

You can check out our community policies here. The 3 main rules are no self-promotion, be civil, and be careful about post private information.

What do the Bee Levels mean?

Each comment you leave on the blog or boards counts towards your Bee Level. The lowest bee level is apple seed (0 posts) and the highest bee level is wonderful pumpkin (40,000 posts). Each level corresponds to an increasingly larger fruit. You can see all the bee levels here.

How do I subscribe to a boards thread?

There is a “subscribe” link at the bottom of each boards post that will email you any comments on that particular threads. You don’t need to leave a comment in order to subscribe to a thread.

How do I reply to another user?

There is a “reply” link at the bottom of each boards post that you can click to generate an @username link. Once you hit submit on your post, the user that you’ve replied to should get an email alert (unless they’ve disabled their alerts).

What is a Hostess? How do I become one?

Hostesses are among some of our most active community members, and are volunteers who welcome new community members to Hellobee, keep the boards bustling, and generally keep the boards a warm and friendly place. To become a hostess, you must have at least 1000 posts. You can find the application to become a hostess here.

How do I flag a post on the boards for inappropriate content?

There is a “flag” link under each post on the boards. A text field will pop up when you click on it so you can let us know why you’re flagging a particular post.

How do I contact another user?

You can click on their username and then leave a comment on their “wall.”

What do the leaderboards mean?

There are leaderboard modules in the right column. Today’s leaders show the most active users for the day. Today’s posts show the total number of topics and posts for the day, as well as the monthly record. You can see all-time leaderboard data here.

What is a postathon?

We have postathons once a week where we gather on the boards, start lots of threads, and comment on them. This helps community members get to know each other, keep the hive buzzing, and it’s a lot of fun!

B O A R D S  T I P S  &  T R I C K S

– When you mouse over a user’s profile picture, their ttc status and profession appears in a floating window if they have that information completed in their profile.
– When you click on the yellow speech bubble, it takes you to the most recent comment.
– If you mouse over the yellow speech bubble, you can see how many views that particular thread has received.
– You can sort boards threads by the date they were posted instead of most recent comment by going here.
– Hellobee Gold members can hide specific boards from the boards frontpage.
– A blue box appears over the original poster’s username when they comment on threads they started.

//   C L A S S I F I E D S   //

How do I use the Classifieds?

Please go here for more information on how Classifieds work.

How do I post a classified listing?

You must be a Hellobee Gold member to post classified listings, but classic members can still purchase and comment on any listings.

What do I do to my listing after an item has sold?

You can click on “close listing” at the bottom of your listing.