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Our Homeschooling Schedule and Curriculum

Overall I’m happy with the online homeschool program we’re using called Power Homeschool/Acellus (review here) because it’s a complete program for K-12 and makes homeschooling easy. The kids like it and start on their ipads as soon as they wake up, without needing any prodding from me. Their core classes are English, Math, Science and […]


The Next 5 Years

Living abroad was something Mr. Bee and I talked about for years when we lived in New York, even talking about moving with some close friends of ours. We always thought that we would end up in Europe, but we’ve been living in the Philippines the past 16 months. Our initial plan was to come […]

Learning through play

Interest Lead Learning Until 7

I shared this article on Kindergarten in Finland in my last post on homeschooling, but I wanted to share it again because of how much it has helped shape the way we’ve structured our schooling these last 2 years. To summarize, in Finland, Kindergarten starts around 6 years old and looks like endless days of […]

MIles Homeschool 2015

Our Decision To Homeschool

Deciding to homeschool wasn’t a quick or easy decision. I do think it goes back to when Miles was in preschool at age 2 and his teachers told me he was “behind” on knowing his colors when he couldn’t recognize “rose.” I just remember thinking, ‘Really? He’s TWO! If this is what school is going […]


Educating a 4 and 6 Year Old

As we settled into our new lives in El Nido, we looked into sending Charlie and Olive to a local private school. When we attended their orientation, we discovered that all the classes were taught in Tagalog – and there was a big focus on the history of the Philippines. Since we’re not planning to be in the […]

DIY Geoboard Project

DIY Geoboard for Math Play

Geoboards are a fun learning tool to introduce kids to math concepts. Actually, they can continue to be used even through high school geometry! The basic idea is simple: stretching colored bands over a grid of pegs. Educational stores sell them, and you’ll find them in many classrooms, but you can make your own with […]

Summer Theme Week: Star Wars

In our household, Star Wars has been and continues to be a huge obsession. If I let them, I am pretty sure they would sit and watch Star Wars movies, the Clone wars cartoons, the Lego Star Wars movies and every Star Wars parody ever made all in one day. I would like to say […]

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