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Parenting Rules I Break (in the Philippines)

I was definitely a worry wart first time mom. Having had severe anxiety for most of my life (and to this day), that came as no surprise to me. But the older my kids get, the more lax I get. But parenting is also much more lax in the Philippines where I live now than […]


Leaving Your Kids Home Alone

It’s amazing how much parenting has changed in just one generation. I’m from the last generation to grow up with an analog childhood and a digital adulthood, and you probably are too. When I was a kid, everyone played outside until the sun set without any adult supervision. Perhaps it was the internet that changed […]



Mr. Bee and I are both very competitive people that love to win, but losing doesn’t upset us either because it’s all just a part of life. Charlie loves rooting for us, whether it’s at our company arm wrestling and push up contests, or the monthly trivia nights that Mr. Bee used to host. He absolutely […]

When the Parenting Stage You’re in is Hard

As a parent of an only child, each stage with my daughter is the only time I’m ever going to go through that stage. On paper, Snowy’s first stage of life when she was a newborn, should have been the hardest: we were two to five hours away from any family support; I had undiagnosed […]


Does pretend-play need to be a reality?

I want to share an article that has been so affirming and also eye-opening for me. I don’t know if there’s a name for this style of parenting but I resonate with it so much. And there doesn’t need to be a name for it. I’m getting tired of all the different styles and options […]


Unconditional Love: A Story in Four Parts

PART 1: MY MOM’S CONDITIONAL LOVE Growing up, I would do anything to make my mom happy. Her love was the sun around which my world revolved, and for as long as I can remember, I was in her orbit. When she was happy, her love radiated off of her, and I would bask in […]

Exercise, Discipline, and Affection

I used to love watching episodes of The Dog Whisperer, and even attended a book signing for Cesar Milan himself in New York many years ago. The three rules he constantly reiterated for happy and well-balanced dogs were exercise, discipline, and affection, in that order. When we had kids, we thought back to Cesar’s philosophy […]

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