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Coding Toys

Drake has recently expressed some interest in learning about coding. At the school library they often play with robots and coding, and this summer we were gifted Botley from a friend which the kids have all enjoyed. He also borrowed a book series from the library about coding which he enjoyed a lot. There are a lot of different […]


Christmas Gifts for My Kids!

I haven’t been in the US to take advantage of Cyber Monday deals in over 4 years, so I’ve been purchasing Christmas gifts online since we will be here for Christmas! There is just so much variety here that it’s really hard to decide! Rock tumbling kit – This has been on my wishlist for a […]

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Having a say over things my children bring into the house

I think the author of this article about not buying plastic toys was feeling how I feel most of the time, especially around birthdays and other occasions. I am a bit of a downer when it comes to special occasions because of my frustration with the ubiquity of plastic for kids. For the first two years of […]

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Fewer Toys = Greater Creativity

I have long suspected that kids do better with fewer toys. I vividly remember before I had kids, my friends’ son showing me his rock collection, organized in a wooden box with little dividers and just thinking – this kid really values what he’s playing with. I also really liked the idea of rotating a […]


Snowy’s Pokemon Phase

My only daughter, Snowy, just turned five in January, and for the past few months, she has been on a definite Pokemon kick. Snowy gets it honestly: Pokemon was one of Mr. Snowflake’s favorite things as a kid. When the Pokemon craze was at its height in the 90’s, I remember it being primarily a […]


Christmas 2018 The Hits and The Misses

It’s almost been a month now since the Christmas bonanza, and I thought it would be nice to see what toys were the big hits and misses for the year Drake – Age 8 Hit: The bulk of Drake’s gifts this year were chapter books. He loves to read and asked for some of his […]


Gifts for Crafty Dinosaur Lovers

Snowy’s birthday is just a few weeks after Christmas. This year, it’ll be simple to tell everyone what Snowy wants: anything dinosaurs and arts and crafts. I wrote about all sorts of gifts for a dinosaur loving girl this holiday season, but this post focuses solely on dinosaur craft kits because there are so many […]

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