Back in my super crafty days, I made this for baby shower gifts. It’s a bouquet of “flowers” that are made of different pieces of baby clothes. Unfortunately, I don’t have any step-by-step photos to show you, but I do have instructions and three different bouquets to show.

Pink for girls


White / Aqua for neutral

Blue / Brown for boys

Here’s what you need:

baby clothes (onesies, pants, hats, socks, mitts, and bibs; smaller pieces work best)
floral wire/stems
rubber bands of all sizes
fake leaves
ribbon roses
pretty ribbon
hot glue gun

1. Fold baby clothes into long, thin strips and roll up into rose shapes. If something has a fun colored or scalloped edge, fold them so that those edges stick out on top. Secure rolls with rubber bands.
2. Stick floral stems in bottoms of roses and bunch roses together. If the bouquet isn’t staying together well, you can wrap the roses in scotch tape and hot glue them together.
3. Use a large rubber band to secure the entire bouquet together. Use small rubber bands to secure the bouquet stems together.
4. Stick ribbon roses throughout bouquet.
5. Hot glue fake leaves to stem of bouquet so they stick up around the sides of the bouquet. Again, if you’re having trouble getting them to stick, you can use scotch tape around the bouquet and hot glue the leaves to them.
6. Wrap bouquet stem in ribbon. Make a pretty bow with the ribbon and hot glue it to the bottom of the bouquet.

You’re done! Get ready for the oohs and ahhs from shower guests.