We’ve rounded up links to some of our holiday posts all on this page.



G I F T  G U I D E S

20 Gifts for the Little Artist by Mrs. Chocolate
25 Possibilities for Playing Pretend by Mrs. High Heels
Gifts for Guys by Mrs. Oatmeal
Add Ons for Book Themed Gifts by Mrs. Chocolate
Non-“Stuff” Gifts for All Ages by Mrs. Carrot
Go-to Gifts for Pre-School Kids by Mrs. Chocolate
8 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids by Mrs. High Heels
Toy Gifts <$25 for Ages 1, 2 and 3! by Mrs. High Heels
Customized Baby and Toddler Gift Ideas by Mrs. Confetti
DIY Gift Roundup by Mrs. Pen
Best 3 Year Old Gifts by Mrs. Chocolate
The Birthday Box by Mrs. Paintbrush
One Year Old Gift Guide by Mrs. Hopscotch
Favorite Baby Gifts-Personalized by Mrs. Markers
Gift Guide for 3 Year Olds by Guide
Top 10 gifts for 1 Year Olds by Mrs. Oatmeal
Cool Gifts for the Wheel Obsessed Toddler by Mrs. Yoyo
Educational Gifts for Little Ones by Mrs. Cowgirl
Montessori Gift Ideas-Preschooler by Kylie
Montessori Gift Ideas-Toddler by Kylie
Montessori Gift Ideas-Baby by Kylie
Gifts for Older Siblings from the Baby by Mrs. Chocolate
10 Gifts for Your Little Music Lover by Mrs. Chocolate
21 Ikea Christmas Gifts for the Littles by Mrs. Chipmunk
Educational Gifts for Preschoolers by Mrs. Chocolate
Our Favorite Gifts for a Two Year Old by Mrs. Tictactoe
Gifts for Two Year Olds by Mrs. Pen
Geeky Baby Gifts by Mrs. Chipmunk
Gifts for an Animal Lover by Mrs. Chocolate
Gifts for One Year Old Under $15 by Mrs. Chocolate
7 Non-Toy Gifts for Preschoolers by Mrs. Chocolate
1 Year Old Gift Guide by Mrs. Hopscotch
The Bees’ Holiday Gift Guides for Babies-Preschoolers 


DIY Felt Tree Advent Calendar by Mollie Johanson
20 DIY Christmas Ornaments by Mrs. Chocolate
12 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids
 by Mrs. High Heels
42 Inspirational and Creative Ways to Wrap Gifts by Mrs. Bee
Printable Watercolor Gift Tags by Oana Befort
Printable Holiday Gift Tags by Minhee Cho
18 Child-Friendly Christmas Tree Alternatives by Mrs. Bee
19 Holiday Kids’ Crafts by Mrs. Bee
DIY Paper Houses by Oana Befort
DIY Holly and Berry Balloon Garland by Brittany Jepsen
DIY Jingle Bell Ornament by Danyelle Matthews
DIY Cinnamon Ornaments by Mrs. Palette
DIY Peel and Stick Christmas Decals by Jenny Batt
DIY Advent Ring by Mrs. Sketchbook
Low/No-Waste Toddler-Proof Christmas DIY’s by Mrs. Sketchbook
Book Advent Calendar by Mrs. Paintbrush
30 Holiday Potluck Ideas by Mrs. High Heels
Fun Christmas Food by Mrs. Bee
20 Delicious Holiday Treats by Mrs. Deer
25 DIY Advent Calendars by Mrs. Chocolate
DIY Mini Gingerbread Houses by Mina
DIY Santa Fence by Guest
Felt Popcorn and Cranberry Activity by Mollie Johanson
25 Creative Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas by Mrs. High Heels
DIY Yarn Balls by Amy 
“For Your Mistletoes” Free Printable by Mrs. Bee
DIY Cork “Gingerbread” Ornaments by Mina
DIY Time Capsule Ornament by Mrs. Bee
100+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Little Kids by Mrs. Bee
Baby-Proofing your Christmas Decor by Mrs. Garland
From Santa Printable Gift Tags by Mrs. Bee

N E W  Y E A R  ‘  S

Celebrating New Year’s Eve With Kids by Mrs. Bee

V A L E N T I N E  ‘  S  D A Y

35 DIY Valentine’s For Kids by Mrs. Bee
DIY Love Potion Valentine’s by Danyelle Matthews
Classroom Valentines by Mrs. Chocolate
School Valentine by Duet Lettpress
Valentine’s Day Card Printable by Oana Befort
DIY Valentines Printables by Minhee Cho
Sweetheart Bento Box by Wendolonia
DIY Heart Onesie by Mrs. Deer
DIY Heart Garland by Mrs. Stroller
Valentine’s Day Books by Mrs. Chocolate

S T  .  P A T R I C K  ‘  S  D A Y 

DIY Lucky Rainbow Necklace by Caroline Armelle
Pot of Gold Bento Lunch by Wendolonia
St. Patrick’s Day Class and Teacher Gift Printables by Mrs. Bee


Easter Eggs Without Candy by Mrs. Hopscotch
Easter Mini Cards Printable by Oana Befort
Origami Bunny Garland by Danyelle Matthews
Tie Dye Easter Eggs by Caroline Armelle
Naturally dyed Easter eggs by Sarah Crowder
DIY Chalkboard Bunny Labels by Danyelle Matthews
DIY Toy Wooden Eggs by Guest
DIY Pipe Cleaner Bunny Ears by Caroline Armelle
Chicken and Egg Easter Cupcakes by Mrs. High Heels
Easter Bunny Bento Box by Wendolonia
Easter Bunny Bento Box by Anita
Homemade Easter Marshmallows by Sarah Crowder
Easter Basket Fillers by Mrs. Sketchbook
10 under $10 Easter Basket Stuffers by Mrs. Chocolate
DIY Painted Pastel Easter Egg Ornaments by Mollie
Painted Egg Cartons & Easter Chick Cake Pops by Mina

new mom

M O T H E R  ‘  S  D A Y 

DIY Mother’s Day Handprint on Canvas by Jenny Batt
Handprints Three Different Ways by Mrs. Cake
Watercolor Mother’s Day Card Printable by Caroline Armelle
DIY Handprint Card by Duet Letterpress
DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas by Mrs. Bee

parent child

F A T H E R  ‘  S  D A Y

Freeze Paper Stencil Father’s Day T-Shirts by Caroline Armelle
World’s Greatest Dad Gift by Jenny Batt
DIY Father’s Day Keychains by Caroline Armelle
Father’s Day Celebration Printables by Mrs. Jump Rope
6 DIY Father’s Day Gifts by Mrs. Bee

H A L L O W E E N 

DIY Monster Plants by Caroline
Mini Halloween Ghost Garland by Kaley Ann
DIY Mini Spooky Wreath by Jennifer
DIY Pumpkin Face Garland by Mollie
28 Halloween Crafts for Kids by Mrs. Chocolate
DIY Halloween Treat Bag by Caroline
DIY Salad Spinner Web Art by Caroline
Mini Halloween Party Printables by Mrs. Jump Rope
11 Non-Candy Halloween Favors by Mrs. Chocolate
20 Easy Halloween Snacks for Preschoolers by Mrs. Tic Tac Toe
Salty and Sweet Halloween Treats by Caroline
40 Cute Halloween Costumes for Kids by Mrs. Bee
Semi-Homemade Halloween Costumes – A Dragon & a Dog by Mrs. Tic Tac Toe
Easy and Rewearable Halloween Costume – Olivia the Pig by Mrs. Hopscotch
DIY Natural Face Paint by Victoria
10 Halloween Books for Preschoolers that Aren’t Scary by Mrs. Chocolate
My Favorite Halloween Books for Kids by Mrs. Train
DIY Kid’s Rainbow Unicorn Costume by Sam Ushiro
Make a Hooded Costume Cape in 15 Minutes by Mollie
DIY Glow in the Dark Skeleton Costume by Caroline
30 Halloween Themed Food and Snack Ideas by Mrs. Garland
100+ Halloween Books for All Ages by Mrs. bee
DIY Monster Toss by Mrs. Chocolate


Printable Notes of Thankfulness by Oana Befort
Printable Count Your Blessings Card by Oana Befort
DIY Handprint Turkey by Jenny Batt
DIY Turkey Treat Bag Placecards by Danyelle Matthews
Perfecting a Roasted Turkey by Mrs. High Heels
Brown Bag Turkey by Mrs. Polish
DIY Turkey Snack by Caroline Armelle
25 Fall/Thanksgiving Crafts by Mrs. Lion
Fall Nature Crafts for Kids by Mrs. Chocolate
DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Centerpiece by Mollie
DIY Gratitude Tree by Amy Lee


Hanukkah FAQ by Mrs. Confetti
8 Hanukkah Books for 8 Nights by Mrs. Confetti
18 Hanukkah Craft Projects for Kids by Mrs. Confetti