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Hello Bee Sweet Montessori Wardrobes

Sweet Montessori Wardrobes

As I am putting together our new Montessori nursery, I have been looking around for a child’s wardrobe. Somewhere to put a small selection of clothes for when my child is old enough where they can choose their own clothes and perhaps even put them away! I am looking for a wardobe with hanging and […]

Watering Plants at How we Montessori

Teaching Natural Consequences

I didn’t think about teaching natural consequences until my eldest son was around four or five years old. Until then I was protecting him from natural consequences. I was making sure he had his coat so he didn’t get cold, rushing him so he wasn’t late, carrying his dishes so they didn’t break. But there […]

Hello Bee, Scrubbing Vegetables

Montessori friendly ways to keep toddlers busy in the kitchen

Are you looking for ways to keep your toddler busy while you are cooking or cleaning in the kitchen? Lots of Montessori parents will have their child work alongside them, but some toddlers are easily distracted or just want to play! As most children love water play, here are eight Montessori friendly ways to keep […]

Setting up a children's fridge

Tips for setting up a children’s fridge

Would you consider setting up a little fridge just for your children to use? We’ve had a little fridge like this for our children to access since they were toddlers. To begin with, we just put some fruit, yogurt, water and perhaps some milk in it. As they became better at regulating their food intake, […]

Creating a Montessori Home

Five Quick Tips for Creating a Montessori Home

I’m often asked for tips on how to create a Montessori home. Today, I have five small, quick tips that are really affordable changes that you can make to create a more child led environment. All of these are useful for toddlers and preschoolers. It’s important to observe the child in their environment to see […]

PLaydough Four Ways - Alphabet Stamps

Play Dough – Four Ways (including Galaxy Dough)

Do your children enjoy using play dough? Mine have gone through stages. My youngest son is currently loving play dough and I often present it with different materials to keep him interested. Since reading about color therapy, I make sure we have play dough in a variety of colors. Often we scent our play dough […]

Parts Of A Christmas Tree Printable 3-Part Cards

Parts of a Christmas Tree Printable 3-Part Cards

Want to help your kids with their vocabulary while they enjoy some Christmas matching? Print out a set of these Montessori-inspired cardsĀ and watch them learn to read the words that describe the parts of a Christmas tree! In Montessori classrooms, 3-part cards (also known as nomenclature cards) are common. They teach children to identify elements […]

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