Sleepy Sloth Snuggler DIY

Sloths are slow. They’re also super cute (at least I think so). And they are the inspiration for this oversized lovey that is super cute, but not-so-slow to make. Think of it as a security sloth!

And what child wouldn’t want to snuggle up with a sweetly sleeping sloth? The size makes it small enough to carry around easily, but large enough that it can wrap around your little one’s shoulders.

The sewing is very basic, so in an afternoon you’ll have a snuggly new friend!

Sleepy Sloth Lovey Blanket


You will need:

Light tan, tan, and brown wool-blend felt pieces
Tan and brown embroidery floss
Tan anti-pill fleece – 1/2 yard
Tan quilting fabric – 1/2 yard (optional)
Sewing machine and basic sewing supplies

Sloth Snuggler Pattern

Important: Use wool-blend felt, because it will hold up much better. Pre-wash and dry your fabric and felt before making this because the materials will shrink differently. For helpful tips on washing wool-blend felt, check out Benzie Design (where I buy my favorite felt).

Felt Sloth Face Pieces

Cut the sloth face piece from light tan felt, the eye ovals from tan felt, and the nose from brown felt.

I chose tan for the eye ovals because they matched the fleece I’m using, plus it looks softer and sweeter. For a more realistic sloth, you might choose darker colors. Or you could make a sloth of a completely different color, like purple! Feel free to swap colors to your liking.

Sewing the Face Pieces

Stitch the eye ovals and nose to the face piece with three strands of embroidery floss and running stitch.

Embroider the Sloth Face

Embroider the eyes and mouth with six strands of embroidery floss and back stitch.

Cut the Body Pieces from Fleece and Fabric

Cut a 24in x 18in rectangle of fleece. Fold it in half so you have a 12in x 18in rectangle. Pin the sloth body template to the fabric with the dashed line on the fold and with the curve near the top. The template won’t extend all the way to the edge.

Cut along the template, cutting straight across to the edge as though the template extends to the edge.

Repeat with the quilting fabric (or lay the fleece on the fabric and use that as your template).

Sew the Face to the Body

Stitch the face to the head area of the fleece sloth body. Use three strands of embroidery floss and running stitch.

Pin and Sew the Sloth Body Pieces

Pin the front and back of the sloth with right sides together. Sew around the edges with a 1/2in seam allowance. Leave a 3in-4in opening, backstitching at the beginning and end.

Trim and Clip the Seam Allowance

Trim the corners to reduce bulk and clip the curves so they end up smooth when the sloth is finished. Just don’t cut the stitching!

Sewing the Opening Closed

Turn the sloth snuggler right side and poke the corners out and the seams open. Stitch the opening closed. I used ladder stitch, but whip stitch works too.

Tie the Corners of the Snuggler

Finish off the corners (which will represent the sloths hands and feet) by tying them with embroidery floss. Use three strands of floss and wrap around the corner twice before tying a tight triple knot. Trim the ends.

Finished Sloth Snuggler

Your sloth is finished and ready for some snuggles!

Sweet Sleeping Sloth Lovey

But first she’d like a nap. And just look at that face. They’re so cute when they’re sleeping!


Sleepy Sloth Mini Blanket

The little “hands” are good for nuzzling and they can wrap around your little one like it’s giving a hug Folded like the photo above, it’s a bit like holding a little sloth baby in your arms!

Smiling Sloth Snuggle Blanket

I hope your new sloth friend brings much love and comfort to your child!