Ok, so sometimes we don’t get everything we would love for Mother’s Day. It’s not dad’s fault; he just might not read Pinterest to get all those great ideas.

I tried the usual plaster molding of Henry’s hand when he was tiny, but I could not get it to work. I tried with two different kits with no luck, so I ended up using a stamping pad and paper. Let’s step it up a notch and use canvas and acrylic paint. This simple take on the kindergarten classic is perfect for us design-minded mamas.  A pre-primed canvas in black and some white paint is all you really need. Oh, and tiny hands! Of course, you could do this for Grandma, too.  But shhhhh… I’m keeping mine.


You will need:

black canvas (8×10)
white acrylic paint

white charcoal pencil

First, put your paint on a palette or a small dish and set out your canvas. Cut a small piece of sponge off of a new one.

Before painting, practice with your little one. Hold their wrist and tell them to stick their fingers straight out. Place it on the canvas and tell them to not move and press each finger lightly down, with your other hand – the first hand is STILL holding the wrist. Lift straight up.  Try this a few times before applying paint. If they are a little older they will get it. We still redid Hunter’s once (he is 4). Luckily, you can rinse off the paint off the canvas with water if you move fast and rub gently with your fingers. Dry and try again.

Apply paint to your little one’s hand. Get the whole thing — you want those chubby fingers to print chubby.

Press the hand straight down on the canvas, like you practiced. Hold still with your hand on the little wrist and press each finger gently down.

Lift straight up and let dry.

Use the charcoal pencil to write names and the date.

Hang and enjoy.  You could also paint a canvas any color of the rainbow and do this same project. Happy Mother’s Day!