Hellobee Hostesses are members that help keep our boards hopping, and also help welcome our new members to the site!

To apply to be a Hostess, we ask that members have:

* Been around for at least a month, and be currently active on the site.
* Made at least 1000 total posts.
* Started a good number of threads (for now, at least 200 threads).
* In general, written thoughtful and helpful posts.
* Been friendly and welcoming to other members.
* Been patient and open-minded to other perspectives.

If this describes you and you’re interested in applying to become a Hostess, please email the answers to the following questions to hostess@hellobee.com!

1. What is your username?
2. Are you TTC, pregnant or a parent?
3. Tell us why you’d make a good hostess!
4. How often are you currently active on the site, and how often do you think you will be active on the site in the future?
5. Can you commit to joining postathons at least once a month, when available?
6. Have you worked in, do you currently work in or do you plan to work in the baby/parenting industry?
7. Do you currently volunteer or work at any other parenting sites?
8. Do you have any additional information you’d like to provide?

Thanks so much!