Baby Lion’s Birth Story

Baby Lion joined our family on February 15th at 11:28 pm. She was 8lbs 6oz and 20 inches of pure perfection, and we were immediately in love!


After a complicated and stressful pregnancy, I was truly counting down the days until we would get to meet our sweet girl. Because she remained breech (my stubborn uterus doesn’t allow babies to turn, apparently) we had a c-section scheduled for February 20th, but once I hit full term I was more than happy to meet her a bit sooner!

The morning of the 15th was much like every day of the previous 8 weeks. Lots of contractions, but not close enough together to signal “alarm.” After 3 trips to Labor and Delivery, I was on the lookout for contractions that “became more intense” and were 5 minutes apart for more than an hour. I was told that because this would be my second c-section and because my baby was breech that I should come in and not labor at home, as the baby would need to be monitored once I was in active labor. During active times of the day my contractions would often get to 8 minutes apart, but usually didn’t get any closer.

Around 2pm I left home to attend a baby shower for a close friend. Shortly after I left, my contractions became more noticeable. I had stopped the constant timing of contractions because it was making me crazy, but they were close enough together for me to get out my timer. As I began timing, they were about 6 minutes apart. By the time I had arrived at the shower, they were closer to 5. Not wanting to leave for another false alarm I stayed for a bit, but after consistent contractions for over an hour, I called Mr. Lion to see what he thought, and decided to head home to wait it out.

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Things for a 3rd Baby

There isn’t much we need to buy for this new one coming. All my kids will be within 5 years of each other, so most things are still working or in good condition. And since I have a boy and a girl, I’m set for a lot of clothing and things like blankets as well. It’s kind of nice to have one less thing to worry about before baby comes. Before Juliet was born we did have to buy a few things including a double stroller and a new swing, as our hand-me-down broke. This time I think we are set for the most part, but I do have some little things I want to get because even though this is our 3rd baby, it’s still a new person in our lives who deserves a few things just for them as well. Here is my list for new things for this new baby:



1) Scout/Violet – We got Drake a Scout dog to keep him company in bed when we transitioned him out of our room to his own crib. We liked that Scout had programmable bed time music and soon it became part of our nightly routine. Once Drake heard us press the night time music, he would lay down on his own. Seeing how well it worked for Drake we bought Violet for Juliet and do the same thing with her now. Now as we wait for the last little one to come, the big question is will it be another Scout or Violet?

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Simple Sweet Chili Green Beans

We definitely get into veggie ruts in our house, and these green beans are a part of the rotation! They go with almost anything – this time we paired it with roasted salmon, but they’re great with Asian recipes.

The kids won’t eat them, but I pick my battles – K’s happy with plain steamed broccoli and baby carrots, which is fine by me. But Mr T and I need something with some more spice! These are super easy and quick to put together, even if you have to go from start to finish in half an hour while taking breaks to pull a toddler off of furniture — not that I have any experience with that…

sweet chili green beansK insisted that his dalmation, Tiggy, be in the picture – who am I to argue with that?

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Prenatal Depression: When you’re not a ‘glowing’ pregnant lady

Now that I’m firmly in the second trimester, and everyone who needs to know knows about baby on the way, I’ve noticed a few key differences this time around. I wrote here about the physical differences in pregnancies; the nausea, the breakouts, the food aversions. But emotionally, this pregnancy has been completely different from the last.

I’ve heard it referred to as Second Child Syndrome, but really, it could be second, or third, or fourth (or sometimes first!). Basically, I can go for hours, or sometimes days, without actually remembering I’m pregnant. I’m not completely militant with what I eat or drink, I’m certainly not as stressed out or uptight as I was last time. These are all good things, for the most part. But there’s also a negative side that I’m noticing.

This is very likely my last pregnancy. We’re pretty sure that we’re two and through (I don’t know that I could handle being outnumbered by kids in my own house). But the last 14 weeks have flown by, and I feel strangely detached this time around. With Little Oats, even through my worst morning sickness, I was happy and grateful for the baby I was growing. I journaled every event, every doctor’s appointment, every purchase, every new craving or symptom. I spent time at night lying in bed, hands on my stomach, praying for the baby that I hadn’t met yet, praying that hands and feet, limbs, organs, and personality would develop and thrive. I spent hours on Pinterest, putting together nursery inspiration boards, dream baby registries, and millions of ideas for the best homemade baby food. And most of all, I dreamed about what it would be like to finally have baby in my arms.

This time, I’m nervous. I’m panicked. And (as much as I hate to admit it), I’m depressed. I’m terrified about becoming a mother of two. I don’t know how I’m going to handle day to day life with a newborn AND my opinionated toddler. I’m worried about how Little Oats is going to react, how things are going to change. I’m dreading the lack of sleep that I know is coming; we’re finally sleeping through (most) nights again at 19 months…is it going to be another 2 years before I get a solid night’s sleep again?

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10 Ways to Stop Living for the Weekend

Have you ever gotten into a rut where you spend your entire work week trudging through the same routines? Ever felt like the only time you actually relax and enjoy yourself is on the weekends? That’s been our family lately – we’ve been rushing through our days just counting down the minutes until Friday night, and it has often felt like our weekdays don’t even mean anything.

We used to be very good about enjoying our work week – we would spend time together, do different things, and make memories on days other than Saturday and Sunday. But lately? We come home, rush through dinner, put Jackson to bed, and fall onto the couch to watch television/surf the internet until we go to bed. Something has got to change.


Why save all the excitement for the weekend? This guy wants to have fun every day!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what we can do to shake things up and get back to actually enjoying our weekdays and not just the weekend. Here are a few things I came up with that we are going to give a shot:

1. Start exercising again. I’ve fallen out of the habit of exercising since we had Jackson, and it’s the longest I’ve ever gone in my adult life without exercising regularly. I find that when I’m working out on the daily I have so much more energy and am so much more focused and content in the evenings. The only problem? I like to work out in the morning so it means I have to wake up (and actually get up) at 5:00. Yuck! I did it the entire time I was pregnant though, so I really have no excuse not to be doing this now.

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Author Spotlight: Mo Willems’ Elephant & Piggie Books

by: Mrs. Cowgirl

Aside from the Babysitters Club, never has a series captured my heart so much as the Elephant & Piggie books do! I’ve raved about them many times here at Hellobee, but Mrs. Bee and I thought that they deserved their own full post since they really are just the best!


Mo Willems’ Elephant & Piggie books follow best friends, Gerald and Piggie and all of their crazy antics. (Fun fact, I once read that Mo is often asked why Gerald has a real name and Piggie doesn’t…His answer is that Piggie does have a name, Piggie! And that Gerald’s full name is Elephant Gerald, after his favorite singer — get it?) Piggie is fun and carefree and Gerald tends to be serious and dramatic. The stories usually involve some incident that causes Gerald and Piggie to act in their very characteristic ways — Gerald flips out and usually yells about something and Piggie is rarely bothered and tries to help him feel better. You would think that this formula might get old, but each of the 22 titles in this series are charming and hilarious!

From a teaching standpoint, I love that the books help students understand and use knowledge of familiar characters across many stories. I also love that because all of the stories are written solely as dialogue between Gerald and Piggie (and the occasional guest star) using speech bubbles in their coordinating colors, the books really lend themselves to learning about and practicing fluency and reading with expression. They just beg to be acted out! In fact, I once had a student and his older sister invite me to their house to watch a play they created using several Elephant & Piggie stories — it was so sweet and one of my favorite teaching moments ever.

Clearly great minds think alike, because Mo himself recently turned several of the stories into the show, Elephant and Piggie: We Are In a Play!  It is currently playing in Chicago and will be returning to the Kennedy Center this fall! We were able to attend the premiere at the Kennedy Center in 2013 and it is an absolutely adorable and hilarious show perfect for children ages 3 and up.

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Getting to the bottom of Sweet P’s tummy issues: Part 1

As I start writing this “series” I realize I have no idea how many parts there will be, because we’re still trying to figure everything out for this sweet girl. I want to write it all down not just so I remember what we did to help figure out her tummy issues, but also in case others are struggling with colic, reflux, and overall tummy discomfort or fussiness in their babies just in case it helps someone else.

From the time we brought Sweet P home from the hospital, she was sweet, but definitely fussier than I remember a newborn to be. I remembered that when we brought Little Piñata home from the hospital, he pretty much just ate and slept all day for at least a week or two. But, Sweet P was never this way. She was always more difficult to get to sleep and she pretty much never fell asleep taking a bottle, which I thought was so strange for a newborn. So, from the get-go, we knew her personality was different. She was more high strung and sensitive to things, so when she cried (err.. screamed) a lot at night or at feedings, I didn’t know if they were tummy issues or her personality. My first change was to get her on breastmilk instead of the high-calorie soy formula they sent us home with from the hospital. This definitely seemed to help her at feeding time and she was no longer constipated so much. But, we definitely still had lots of late night crying. Even at just 2 weeks old I remember several nights where neither Mr. Piñata or I could calm her down no matter what we did until well past 1am. This happened on numerous occasions so I thought she must have colic.

Who me? Fussy?

I brought our concerns to our pediatrician at both her 2 week and 1 month appointment and he told us that some babies cry more than others.

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