Link Roundup – April 21, 2017

I love compiling these links because I learn so much about parenting. I always think, “what a great idea — I have to try this!” Of course, I don’t get around to trying most things, but they always make me think and want to be a better parent. We all know it’s never easy and never perfect, but we try our best!

Here are some interesting parenting links from around the web this week!


How California got more children vaccinated after the Disneyland measles outbreak via Los Angeles Times

What is a ‘Gentle’ C-Section? (And Why You Need to Know About It) via Fit Pregnancy


Sight Words Are So 2016: New Study Finds the Real Key to Early Literacy via Parent.co

Why some schools are switching to a 4-day week via New York Post

Will Editing Your Baby’s Genes Be Mandatory? An ethical dilemma from the near future via The Atlantic

The 3 Languages Children Should Learn Now for Success Later in Life via Travel & Leisure


Be Nice, You Won’t Finish Last via NY Times OpEd

On The Pressure To Have Sex And Be Sexy After Motherhood via Ravishly

“A Note To My Fellow Working Moms, As I Near The End Of My Life.” via InspireMore

8 Reasons Your Kid Should Travel (Without You) via Huffington Post

Don’t Hate Your Husband: Advice for New Mothers via Wall Street Journal

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Names and their Stats

The WolframAlpha search engine is a great way to find out lots of interesting statistics about names. I put in both my kids’ names and found out that Charlie is a more popular name for girls (#207) than it is for boys (#229) nowadays. The most common age of a male Charlie in the US is 62-years-old, while the most common age of a female Charlie is 2-years-old. The most common age of an Olive (#264) is 89 years old. I guess it makes sense since old lady names are making a big comeback, although I never knew that Olive was a retro name; the only Olive I’d ever known was Olive Oyl!

Here are some stats about Charlie’s name as a boy:



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Swarm: What are Your Favorite Names for Boys and Girls Right Now?

My favorite baby name website was Nameberry, and you can check out their 50 hottest 2017 names list here. Here’s what our Bees have to say about their current favorite names!

I need this list for girls! Maybe we’ll find a winner there. Some past favorites that don’t feel right this time are Celia, Rosalie, & Quinn. If the little one was a boy, we were going to use Rowan.

avatar (13)For girls: Luna, Ruth, Murray, Cecelia (Cece), Beatrix
For boys: Wallace, Mars

avatar (1)Girls: Amelia, Clara, Vivienne, Alice, Cora, Lydia, Josephine, Elise, Lucy, Quinn, Eleanor
Boys: Jack, Henry, Owen, Dean, Logan, Parker (given the shorter list here, clearly I haven’t given as much thought to boys names! )

avatar (7)Girls: Hadley/Hattie, Hannah, Sloane, Harlow, Willa, Maeve,
Boys: Calvin, Everett, Callum, Lane, Sawyer, Levi, Silas

 Boys: Orville, Owen, Oliver, Otis
Girls: Aurelia, Ondine, Ora, Ocean

Can you tell I like the letter O?

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Traveling with kids – the good, the bad and the choices in between

It’s been a few weeks since our week long trip to Seattle and Vancouver and it already feels like a distant memory. I felt like it was a “successful” family trip – we all got to enjoy new experiences, we ate well, and the girls did great overall which I think makes the biggest difference. As I think about some of the decisions we made, I have to admit that there was a mix of good and bad choices we made on our travels, along with a handful of decisions that leave me questioning if I would do it differently next time. We are definitely not seasoned travelers so every trip helps us to try to plan a little bit better for our next.

Here are some of our good ideas, our bad ideas, as well as ones we aren’t so sure about still:

The good ideas

  • If you have access to a laundry machine, don’t feel the need to have a different outfit each day. Even though we were on vacation for a full week, we managed to fly with just our carry-on bags. We limited the amount of clothes each person brought and it was really no big deal, especially since we were wearing jackets most of the time.
  • If you want to enjoy being outdoors, dress appropriately for the weather. Prior to our vacation I was constantly looking at the weather in Seattle and Vancouver and it showed mostly rainy days in the mid-50s. I was sure to have raincoats and rain boots for all of us and brought clothes that we could easily layer. Thankfully, we didn’t have as many rainy days as expected but when we had to be out in the rain, the girls (and even I) enjoyed our time in the rain and in the puddles.

The girls loved every chance they got to splash in puddles.

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Prepping to be a Summertime SAHM

It’s official — M is done with daycare/preschool as of May 1. The last time I went in to pay our bill I spoke with the admin who told me that the summer daycare signup forms were going out soon, and when ours arrived in the mail, Mac Daddy and I confirmed that we were ready to take her out for the rest of spring and summer. She’s starting kindergarten in September so these next few weeks will be her very last in daycare!

Why now? I decided there’s really no time like the present. A is old enough that he doesn’t need me to watch him literally every moment, and the two of them can interact without me being worried about someone accidentally getting smushed (that being the baby). He’ll be, ideally, able to sit up a bit more, eat solids, and do other bigger baby things by the time we get into the routine of M being home, so he’ll be more ‘fun’ for her, and because it’s warmer weather, there are actually things to do around town so we won’t be stuck at home, or we can just head out into our own yard. It’s a much better setup than being trapped at home through winter!

And, we could use the break for our wallets. We’ll be saving a decent chunk of money by keeping her out of care, and because she will need to be in after school care once kindergarten starts, we could definitely use that payment-free time to save up, or at least pad out our accounts after the financial hit of daycare, me being off work, and winter utility bills. I wish I could just sign her up for after school care once I go back to work in November, but there’s a big waiting list so we needed to put in for it for the whole school year.

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When Your Daycare Shuts Its Doors Forever

I am so sad to be writing this post! We have not had the best luck with our daycare situation, with our oldest being kicked out of his daycare when he was just a few months old. We thought that it had all worked out for the best, even though it was stressful at the time, because we fell in love with our current daycare which is located just a few blocks from our home. Unfortunately, we are scrambling yet again to find a new daycare, this time with the added difficulty of trying to find one that has two spots, one for a 2-year-old and one for a 1-year-old.

In November, we were notified that our daycare had lost its lease. This space was heavily subsidized by the local government and therefore more affordable than other daycares in the area, but by no means inexpensive (one child in daycare cost approximately the same as our mortgage). Initially, the daycare said that it would have to close their doors in December, but uckily, the county extended the lease for another six months and the last day is currently set for June 30. While the extension was immensely helpful, we still felt like we were put back at square one with the daycare situation.

2017-04-11 17.33.54-2

I will miss walking these two home from daycare.

Considering our options

Ideally we want to find a daycare with spots for both kids starting in June or July. We don’t want to move too soon because our current daycare is extremely convenient since we can walk to drop them off when the weather is nice. We also only have one car and our current daycare is in walking distance of both our home and the metro, so we can be flexible in the pick up situation.

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My Boys’ First Birthdays

I’ve always loved birthdays and hosting gatherings at my home so I knew I’d be one of those moms who’d enjoy planning and hosting parties for my children’s birthdays. Not only do we have these great memories from each of our son’s first birthday parties, but we also have amazing professional photos to commemorate and celebrate their first year of life. Getting a full professional session done about once a year is definitely a luxury and something we have to save up for, but I never regret getting the pictures taken. We stumbled upon our photographer through a recommendation from a friend and haven’t looked back since. It’s become so comfortable that taking pictures with her is almost easy (I say almost because well, toddlers). I don’t have to stress or worry or feel rushed and I know she will do a fantastic job of capturing the love and joy in our family. All photos taken by the wonderful Annie Wiegers Photography.


ONE! (6 of 101)

ONE! (45 of 101)

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