Pregnancy Update: 3rd Trimester


How Far Along: 31 weeks

Due Date: April 23rd. She is measuring small which means that while I (and every pregnant woman ever) may hope for at the an on time baby, if not a little early, it’s probably not going to happen.

Weight Gain: Up 21 pounds. It feels nice to be gaining a steady and reasonable amount of weight, but I still feel enormous. If I can maintain this momentum, I should gain around 30 pounds, which would be amazing.

Maternity Clothing: I’m rotating 8-10 outfits and it is getting old real fast. I’ve still been going with a pretty decent mix of maternity and non-maternity, but that non-maternity is definitely on its way out.

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Capturing the Everyday Moments

When my first child was born, Mr. Confetti gifted me my first DSLR camera. I had no idea what I was doing, but I was hooked. The photos, even on Auto mode, were so much better than my current iPhone, and with a growing baby, I couldn’t resist clicking the shutter constantly on a day-to-day basis.

My love for the camera grew, as I took a full year of courses through a local photography school, but my time and energy to use the camera at home ebbed and flowed. My little man was on the move, running constantly, and it was easier to save the DSLR for the special moments while leaning on my iPhone to capture the rest. Add a miscarriage, a second child, two mobile children, a growing business and despite the fact that my photography skills had grown exponentially by this point, my energy for chasing down my boys with the camera, shooting, editing and sharing had plummeted. Especially since at this point, I was photographing other people’s children. Capturing my own seemed to fall by the wayside.

So when I knew I was having another baby, I resolved to slow down and soak in and capture the moments, not just for her but for all three kids. And not just for the special moments but for the everyday chaos. I now see that these moments won’t last forever. My little guy who inspired me to learn and grow my photography skills is now nearly five (seriously, you read that right… FIVE! He was Just. Born. People!). As much as I firmly believe in an annual session with a family photographer who can bring out the best in your kids, and capture all five of us in coordinating clothes with not-entirely-disheveled faces and hair, I know that those won’t be the moments I will remember.


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9 month and 8 month update

Yet another month has come and gone in the Starfish household. The girls continue to grow and develop in ways big and small. I am enjoying this age so much; the girls are so interactive and proud to show off their new skills. Their different personalities are shining through, and they are interacting more and more with one another.



I’ve now been saying this for two monthly updates, but we are still waiting on crawling! Both girls like to shift their weight back and forth in the traditional crawling position, and both are quite efficient at army crawling and rolling to get objects out of their reach. But we’ve still observed no traditional crawling. I’ve got to say that this is really testing my mommy patience!

Recently both girls have figured out how to get in the sitting position from their bellies, and they also both really enjoy when we help them pull to a standing position. I’ve been told by our pediatrician that progress is what is most important and we’ve seen plenty of that, so I need to really work on keeping my concerns at bay.

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Sweet Dreams DIY Pillowcase

Sweet Dreams Pillowcase

Help your little one have sweet dreams with this nearly no-sew pillowcase project! The reality is it might take more that just a new pillowcase, but having something special and handmade certainly helps.

The letters are easy to cut out when you use freezer paper as a pattern. Plus you can use fabrics that match your decor…choose lots of fabrics to mix and match or make all of the letters the same! After you iron the letters to a regular pillowcase, all it takes is a few simple stitches for a special accent.

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Our Favorite Interactive Picture Books

Lion loves reading and we have a special love for interactive picture books in this household. Beyond lift-the-flap or touch-and-feel books, we’ve discovered a lot of really great interactive picture books. Many break down the fourth wall and ask for the reader to get involved. Here are some of our favorite interactive picture books:


The Monster At the End of This Book and Another Monster at the End of This Book – Who doesn’t love Grover (and Elmo)? Lion thinks these books are hilarious.

Yoo-Hoo, Ladybug! – A seek-and-find book, Lion also likes to call out “Yoo-Hoo, Ladybug!”

We Are In A Book – A Mo Willems book, part of the Piggie and Elephant series, this one addresses the reader directly.

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First ER Trip

Over one week last month, the Chocolate family (save Drake, somehow!) got hit with the stomach bug. It was as bad as it sounded and it ended up with a trip to the ER for little Juliet. This is the short time line that took us from fully functioning to near death.

A typical day. It was Mr. Chocolate’s birthday and MLK day so we had a lovely day off for everyone. After dinner, we had our wonderful Cold Stone Creamery coffee cake (Mr Chocolate’s favorite cake) and I put the kids to bed. I got on with my evening of chores, mindless Internet, and TV. At close to midnight, right before I was headed to bed, I heard a lot of coughing coming from Juliet’s bedroom. I decided to go in and check on her, and as soon as I opened the door, without even turning on the light, I knew something was wrong. The smell of the room hit me immediately and when I turned on the lights, I found Juliet sitting in her rocking chair rocking and coughing covered in what I can only imagine is what an exorcism would look like. Her hair, clothes, bed, face, everything was covered in what else — brown thanks to the chocolate cake from earlier. I was so shocked she hadn’t made any noise or come out to tell me she had been sick.

I called Mr Chocolate to help me and hurried Juliet into the bath while Mr. Chocolate tackled the clean up of the sheets and her room. Juliet, for what it’s worth, was in fine spirits and happy to be awake and to be with Mr. Chocolate and me. After she was cleaned up we let her sit downstairs and watch TV with Mr. Chocolate while she waited for her lovey to be cleaned. She puked a few more times in the interim and eventually ended up coming to bed with us. For the rest of the night, I monitored her or rushed her off to the bathroom to throw up. At one point the bed sheets got it and needless to say, no one got any rest whatsoever.

On Tuesday morning I rushed Drake off to school as quickly as I could get him out the door and spent most of the day trying to keep Juliet happy with her tablet and isolated in our bedroom so as not to get Fiona sick too. Juliet had thrown up at around 8 AM right after Drake left and then managed to fall asleep for a short amount of time. By the time Drake had come from school she had finally been throw up free and I allowed her to eat some crackers and a banana and have some water. I was praying we were finally seeing the back end of this thing (oh how naive I was). Juliet seemed in better spirits after eating and by bed time went right into her own room to sleep. I checked on her a few times after she went to sleep and right before I went to bed, and all seemed fine and I was happy to get some rest finally.

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First Pregnancy vs. Second Pregnancy

Well it’s here! I’m 12 weeks with Baby #2 (surprise!) and finally out of my morning sickness cloud. Whew! I have been lying horizontal for about 2 months and doing whatever I possibly could to endure the sour stomach, fatigue and metallic taste in my mouth. I thought it was really interesting this time around because it was so different from my last pregnancy about 3 years ago. I don’t know the gender yet and wonder if this time I’ll be having a girl since I had a boy first. Here’s how my pregnancies differed:

1st Pregnancy:

  • I had debilitating nausea, to the point where I could barely crawl to the bathroom. This type of nausea was mind numbing and made my head feel dizzy. I remember wanting to knock my head into the wall so that I could not be conscious! The little thing that helped was that I had to eat every 2 hours including all through the night. I basically made chicken salad sandwiches and ate several bites to hold me over. It didn’t really matter what I ate as long as it was bland. It didn’t make it go away, but it definitely helped a little. It was really annoying to wake up and start eating immediately just so you could go back to sleep!
  • Preggy pops, ginger flavored anything and Tums did not help. I basically had no real antidote for the nausea.
  • My nausea stopped around 12 weeks, but died off very, very slowly.
  • My belly popped out around 12 weeks or so, and that’s when I started wearing maternity wear.

2nd Pregnancy:

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