Registry for a third baby

The last two babies I had were girls and this time we’re having a boy so we need a few things, not to mention the fact that some of our baby stuff is getting really worn out having been through two babies already. As a third time mom, friends and family are asking if there is anything we need and so I decided to create a registry to organize myself and to share for a sprinkle this winter. Here’s what we need the third time around:


1) Baby Boy Clothes

2) Spacesaver high chair: I prefer these to a large highchair because they’re so convenient and take up far less space in our dining area. Ours is pretty worn out at this point though, so I’d love a fresh start with the new baby.

3) Aden & Anais muslin blankets: My favorite muslin wraps. I love them so much for their versatility but I’d like to have some that aren’t pink for our little man.

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Kindergarten Surprises and Adjustments

It’s weird — one day you’re telling your child to stay by your side at the grocery store, and the next day you’re putting them on a school bus with a driver you’ve never met! Fortunately, BeBe’s first few days of kindergarten went well! This school year is off to a good start, but there have been a few surprises and adjustments.

Here are few:

1) Too much energy – I had heard she would come home from school exhausted, however, we are having the opposite experience. She is full of energy at the end of the day! We have go to the park in the evening just for her to burn off some energy. Maybe it’s because she’s trying hard to follow the rules and sit in her seat at school and the bus, that by the end of the day she just wants to run free. Granted, we are only at the beginning of the school year. I wonder if she will still have so much energy after school once their intensive reading program starts in the fall.

2) Homework is optional – I thought teachers fell into the “assign homework” group or “no homework” group. However, BeBe’s teacher is giving parents the option. The teacher assigns one homework packet on Monday, and the kids have until the following Monday to complete it. The benefit of doing homework is that it allows to know what she is learning at school, and gauge her understanding of the material. It also instills good homework habits. However, I love that she can just come home and relax. She misses playing with her brother on school days, and they play well together in the evenings and on weekends. We can pick and choose which week to do homework, but I’d rather be consistent. I know there is a lot of research on this topic, and we’ll need to figure this out soon. I am curious to know how other parents are approaching optional homework.

3) She is hungry and very thirsty after school – The first few days she didn’t have time to finish her lunch. She would come home, drink two glasses of water and ask for more snacks. Now she understands, she can’t play and talk all through lunch. She needs to eat, then play at recess. Their teacher is also letting them take water bottles to school which is helpful.

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It’s Not What You See, It’s How You Look At It – An Awesome Photoshoot with a Plagiocephaly Helmet

“Back is best.” These days we’re supposed to put our babies on their backs for sleep and being the rule follower I am, I did just that with both my boys. My first was a good sleeper, scratch that, my first was a really good sleeper. He stopped nursing in the middle of the night around 2 months old and was doing 7 hour stretches starting at 5 weeks. Yes, it’s not fair. But my second little guy has been an awful sleeper, so I definitely got to experience both sides!

Since Crumb was such a great sleeper, he developed a flat spot on the back of his head. At his two month appointment, we were told to keep him off his back while awake whenever possible. We purchased a noggin nest to use when we needed him to lay down but otherwise we worked really hard at making sure his flat spot didn’t get worse. By his 4 month appointment it was improving and now his head is almost perfectly round.

My nephew had an extreme case of plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome because he also had torticollis. Torticollis is a condition where an infant holds their head to one side due to a shortened or tight muscle on the other side. The cause of torticollis is mostly unknown but many believe it occurs because of abnormal positioning in the womb. Regardless of how it happens, it’s painful for a baby and requires lots of physical therapy. And in my nephew’s case he also ended up with a severe flat spot on one side of his head.


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The Second Year: Our Toddler, at Two Years Old

“Mama, I have a question,” Will said to me tonight, pausing before a fistful of raisins went in his mouth.

“Ok, what it is it?” I asked, watching him and waiting for a response.

“I love you,” he said, and absentmindedly turned back to his dinner, attention on his next bite.

.  .  .  .  .

This is my son, at two years old.  That “I love you” up there? It comes out “I yove you” and between squirms on our table’s bench, as he asks not to eat in his booster seat, strapped to a chair at one end of the table, but rather on the “big boy bench.” That inevitably ends in his dinner ending before it would likely end if he was trapped, I mean, strapped, in his toddler seat.

Two is the dichotomy of this moment, magnified times one thousand, every day, day in and day out. It’s hard and it’s awesome and it’s exhausting and it’s inevitable.


Stats: At his two year well visit last week, Will weighed 28 pounds and was 38 inches (3 feet, 2 inches) tall. That puts this kiddo in the 99th percentile for height (or, off the curve as his pediatrician says), and 50th percentile for his weight. They say size at two can be a predictor for adult height, but Will’s doctor maintains that three is a better time to guess. Either way, we’ve got a string bean on our hands – but his cheeks remain squishy and squeezable!

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Favorite books at 1.5 years old

It has been so fun watching M discover books. When there is a particular one he wants us to read, he comes running over, waving the book in the air and sits on our lap. Even if we are standing, he still backs his little bottom up against us and plops down on our feet. There are other times he sits alone flipping through a book, babbling in a language only he knows. We’ve started making trips to our local library to pick out books, which is something that feels so special because I used to love doing that with my mom.

Right now we prefer board books because we’ve lost a few pages to M enthusiastically turning the page. Here are our 10 current favorites.


The Little Blue Truck Leads the Way by Alice Schertle – This is the first book that M showed a strong preference for. So much so that both Mr. Ice Cream and I can recite the book from memory now. It follows a little blue truck through the city and M loves pointing out the truck on every page.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr and John Archambault – This book is without a doubt fun to read and is one of the more clever takes on an alphabet book that I have seen. While there is not much of a story compared to some of the other books on this list, Mr. Ice Cream and I love saying “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.”

Goodnight iPad: a Parody for the next generation by Ann Droyd – We picked this one up at the computer museum on our recent trip to San Francisco and it makes me laugh every time I read it. It’s a parody on Goodnight Moon, but instead says goodnight to “Android apps and glowing screens.”

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7 of The Best Family Comedies that aren’t Family-Friendly

I’m talking about comedies that are about families, that also happen to be hilarious and most definitely not family-friendly. One of my favorite ways to relax is to watch one of those goofy, slightly raunchy comedies that are serious and lighthearted at the same time. Here are my all-time favorite recommendations along with my personal synopsis and best lines:


I Love You, Man
Director – John Hamburg
Starring –
Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Rashida Jones

I love this movie so much. It’s the kind I can watch over and over. I actually relate much more to the husband in this movie than the wife because I’ve always connected more easily with guys than with other women and I’m likely to be asking more women out on mom dates in the future for sure.

Favorite Lines:

Sydney Fife: You get home safe, Pistol.
Peter Klaven: You got it, Joben.
Sydney Fife: I’m sorry, what?
Peter Klaven: Er… nothing.
Sydney Fife: No, what did you say?
Peter Klaven: Nah, I don’t know… You nicknamed me Pistol, and I just called you… “Joben”… It means nothing… I don’t… I’m drunk… I’m gonna call a cab.

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Family Fall Bucket List

As much much as I adore summer, fall is fast approaching and I need a game plan. If I don’t have things to look forward to as cool weather approaches, I will never get off the couch. I try really hard to come up with things to plan that our whole family can look forward to. I’m home with Eli most of the time, so our days are very toddler focused, but our nights are for all of us. Here’s what I’ve got going that actually gets me excited for the chill in the morning air:

Fall Family Bucket List

1) Decorate for Halloween: While walking around our neighborhood last fall, Eli was over the top enamored with the Halloween decorations. I’m thinking about these ghosts and these bats.

2) Make costumes: My husband and I have worked jobs where we dress up as a group for work, but since having Eli, we get to do costumes together! I’ll be discussing this more in the coming weeks.

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